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Sentience refers to a creature's ability to think and reason. To learn and to be self aware.

Algorian mammoth; A large woolly mammal of this world. Garak once absorbed 30 cc's of an anesthetic that would have knocked out such a beast, according to Bashir. DS9 "The Wire" 2-42

Alvanian beehive; Insect community known for its frenetic activity. DS9 "Rapture" 5-108

Alvanian cave sloth; Another animal from this world, known for its deep sleep. DS9 "The Sword Of Kahless" 4-81

Alvanian spine mites; Tiny parasitic insects that live in humonoid spinal columns. Can cause the host pain for rmany years. DS9 "The Begotten" 5-110

Alverian dung beetle; Form of insect life. DS9 "Apocalypse Rising" 5-99

Andorian amoeba; A variety of unicellular protozoan indigenous to planet Andoria reproduce by means of symbiogenesis. VOY "Tuvix" 2-40

Arbazon vulture; A type of predatory bird. DS9 "The Search, Part II" 3-48

arctic spider; Cold climate animal life found on Rinax. VOY "Rise" 3-61

Baneriam hawk, Predatory bird. Quark told Odo that he resembled a Baneriam hawk looking for prey, when the security chief was observing patrons at the bar. DS9 "If Wishes Were Horses" 1-16

Bardakian pronghorn moose; An animal life-form. Known for its loud and horrible call. TNG "Unification, Part II" 5-108

Belzoidian flea; Life-form. Q claimed he could have chosen to become a Belzoidian flea when he was stripped of his powers in 2366. For some readon, he instead chose to become human. TNG "Déjà Q" 3-61

Berengarian Dragons;  An indigenous life-form on Berengaria VII. Spock told Leila Kolomi he'd once seen a dragon on Berengaria VII. TOS "This Side of Paradise" 1-24

Bulgallian rat; A frightening animal. Wesley Crusher considered re-creating a Bulgallian rat on the holodeck to prepare himself for the Phych Test portion of the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. TNG "Coming of Age" 1-19

carnivorous rastipod; Origin: Bajor. An animal reputed for a distinct lack of grace -- apparently, a beast with two left legs. DS9 "Progress" 1-15

Degebian mountain goat; A sure-footed beast, exact origin unspecified, who could have gotten by on the narrow cliffside ledge that Kor did not trust while returning with the Sword of Kahless. DS9 "The Sword Of Kahless" 4-81

drella; From Alpha Carinae V a creature that derives its energy from the emotion of love. TOS "Wolf in the Fold" 2-43

dryworm; Giant creature on planet Antos IV that can generate and control energy with no harm to itself. TOS "Who Mourns for Adonais?" 2-31

eel-birds; Creatures from planet Regulus V that must return to the caverns wher they hatched to mate every 11 years. TOS "Amok Time" 2-30

Garanian Bolites; Extremely small creatures which act as irritants when they come into contact with humanoid skin, as two unsuspecting Bajorans learned due to a trick played on them by Jake and Nog in 2369. DS9 "A Man Alone" 1-4

glommer; A Klingon creature developed to eat tribbles. TAS "More Tribbles, More Troubles" 1-5

Greenhorn aliens; Unspecified planet. A member of this unspecified race often seen around Deep Space Nine is the holographic fighter Constable Odo uses in a vain to let the Jem'Hadar teen learn self-control by venting his skills in appropriate ways. It is not known if the name refers to inexperience or is truly the race nomenclature. DS9 "The Abandoned" 3-52

Gunji jackdaw; Origin: Alpha Quadrant. A species resembling an ostrich, spotted on Deep Space Nine's Promenade on stardate 46853. DS9 "If Wishes Were Horses" 1-16

Joranian ostrich; Planet: name unspecified. An alien ornithic species with an extremely fearful disposition. Fear has developed notable evolutionary flaws in the species; if frightened, the Joranian ostrich is known to hide its head under water, and remain submerged until it actually drowns itself. DS9 " Past Prologue" 1-3

Krallinian eel. Life-form. An unpleasant creature found in the Delta Quadrant. VOY "Jetrel" 1-15

lapling-like animal; Planet: name unspecified. Perhaps a cousin of the lapling shown in Kevis Fajo's collection, this lapling-like creature was brought on board Deep Space Nine during Grand Nagus Zek's first visit in 2369. DS9 "The Nagus" 1-11

leaf miners; Planet: Earth. Any species of larvae of any variety of the Terran moth and/or butterfly. The larvae were so called because they exist by burrowing tunnels and habitats into the leaves of plants where they can then safely survive. TNG "All Good Things..." 7-177

mellitus; A creature on Alpha Majoris I that is gaseous when moving and becomes solid when it is dormant. TOS "Wolf in the Fold" 2-43

Orion wing-slug; Origin: unspecified. On stardate 43930.7, Lwaxana Troi commented that she would prefer to eat this otherwise unspecified lower life-form than succumb to her Ferengi captors. TNG "Ménage à Troi" 3-72

Regulan blood worm; Origin: unspecified. This amorphous, pulpous creature rates such a low status to the Klingon people, that name is used to insult people who are thought to be weak. The Klingon, Korax uses this term to insult the U.S.S. Enterprise at Deep Space Station K-7 in 2267. TOS "The Trouble With Tribbles" 2-44

Talarian hook spider; Planet: Talarian homeworld. A species of indigenous arachnid, apparently with legs that grow to a half a meter in length. TNG" Realm of Fear" 6-128

Tarkassian razorbeast; Origin: unspecified. A creature which Guinan described as her own imaginary friend in childhood. TNG "Imaginary Friend" 5-122

Wanoni tracehound; Planet: name unspecified. An predatory animal life-form rumored to take great pleasure in the pursuit of its prey. On stardate 46925.1, Constable Odo was heard comparing the romantically persistent Lwaxana Troi to this species. DS9 "The Forsaken" 1-17

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