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Ensign Ro Laren - Starfleet Ensign released from prison to help with a Bajoran matter - Michelle ForbesBajoran; Bajorans are humanoid in form and function with the exception of a ridged nose. Slight deviations from Terran human physiology can be discerned through different reactions to body change. During pregnancy Bajoran females do not nauseate instead they react by sneezing. Bajoran fetuses are also irremovable due to the high degree of vascularization in the placental/uterine interface.
Society and Religion
Bajoran culture flourished for 500,000 years. In time, the Bajorans became a race of master artisans, architects, and scholars whose lives are centered on their faith. Their deeply religious culture honors the 'Prophets' who guide the Bajorans. They believe in guidance from the prophecies revealed to ancient religious men much in the same way as the Greeks believed in Delphi Oracles. Within the religious texts of Bajoran faith, safe passage through the Bajoran wormhole is seen as the blessing of the Prophets who reside within in the Celestial Temple.
The Prophets are the central figures of the Bajoran faith, transcendent entities who exist in a non-linear time frame. Bajoran faith believes the Prophets to be the embodiment of truth, who reveals their wisdom through visions given by the Orbs. The Prophets are also the ones who replenish the life force of Bajorans, the 'Pagh' that allows existence.
Orbs; Approximately 10,000 years ago. The first Orb, with eight others to follow, appeared in the skies of Bajor. Taken as a gift from the Prophets to endow their followers with wisdom and insight, the Orbs were traditionally housed in sacred shrines at temples and monasteries around Bajor. Each Orb has a different function. After the Occupation, only one from the original nine Orbs remained. Through the years, three have been recovered and are currently in the hands of the Bajoran people. The four Orbs are:
The Ninth Orb: Green energy form. It places the user into a vivid distant memory.
The Third Orb: Blue energy form. It is also known as the Orb of Prophesy and Change. It presents the user with a surrealist projection of the future, open to interpretation but usually correct in some way.
The Orb of Wisdom: Pink energy form. Grand Nagus Zek was responsible for the restoration of this Orb to Bajorans in 2371. It forces overseen knowledge into the user's attention.
The Orb of Time: Purple energy form. It can transfer users back or forwards in time.Bajorn symbol
The title given to the person who would discover the Celestial Temple and speak with the Prophets, then unify the Bajoran people. Kai Opaka announced Commander Benjamin Sisko was the Emissary when he had just arrived at the Station. Akorem Laan briefly succeeded Sisko as the Emissary in 2372 when the Prophets transported him two centuries from his lifetime into the 24nd century. After reinstating the unpopular D'jarra caste system, Sisko challenged Akorem, and was ultimately vindicated by the Prophets themselves. Captain Sisko is now firmly established as the Emissary of Bajor. The one upon whom the hopes of a whole world fall.
Bajoran languageD'jarra Caste
Ancient Bajorans lived their lives according to the d'jarra caste system. A Bajoran's social status and vocation was dictated by the d'jarra at birth and usually indicated in part within the design of the earring. Passed on for generations, the system was abandoned during the Occupation, when every Bajoran became subservient of the Cardassians.
The identity of Bajorans is intrinsically connected to their earring. The designs is often deeply connected to family lineage and the archaic d'jarra, but some religious figures and Militia officers are known to change their earrings to better adapt to their line of work. The earring is most often worn on the right ear, and is usually diamide-laced birithium in substance.
Bajoran custom places the family name before an individual name. Major Kira Nerys is therefore correctly addressed as Major Kira while her familiar name is Nerys. The titles of Bajoran rank also are tied to their religious rank. The Kai is the spiritual leader of Bajoran faithful, and a new Kai is named only when the preceding Kai dies or is incapacitated. The Vedek assembly of 112 influential spiritual leaders is lower than the Kai and acts as assistant and preacher to the masses. The political leadership of Bajor is given to the First Minister, who can be any Bajoran national chosen by democratic election. The current Provisional Government has been in place since the withdrawal of Cardassian forces. TNG, DS9.

Anji - Ba'ku woman with whom Captain Picard fell in love - Donna Murphy

Ba'ku; (left) The Ba'ku are a people filled with contradictions. Their home world is unknown, but is believed to be located beyond Federation space. Some three hundred and fifty years ago the Ba'ku entered a period of rapidly escalating and uncontrolled technological advancement, to the point where they were on the verge of destroying themselves. A group of Ba'ku left their world to begin again, fearing a catastrophe. Determined not to repeat the mistakes the rest of their people had made, the Ba'ku adopted a philosophy of near total avoidance of high technology. The Ba'ku claimed that when a machine was built to do the work of a person, it took away an essential quality of that person. MOV Insurrection. 9

Balduk Warriors; A fierce group. Worf found them not as frightening as a small angry child. TNG "New Ground" 5-110

Gropler Zorn - leader of the Bandi - Michael Bell

Bandi; (right) A race of humanoids from Deneb IV. Like the Rigellians, the Bandi were obviously a people transplanted from their homeworld onto a terraformed world. Genetic evidence suggests that the Bandi could be a Terran offshoot. They recently lost their prize possession, Farpoint Station, and suffered the destruction of their Capitol city. Since then the Bandi have resorted to their old ways of nomadic wandering in clans in search of food and resources. The Bandi are known for their stringy, white and grey hair. TNG "Encounter at Farpoint" 1-1&2

Dr.Tolen Ren - Banean scientist  - Ray Reinhardt

Baneans; (left) The Baneans were at war with a neighboring species, the Numiri, even though the two once lived in peace on one planet. Baneans wear feather-like head coverings and are similar to humans. They also have dogs and smoke a product similar to tobacco. VOY "Ex Post Facto" 1-8

Arctus Baran - unknown race - Richard LynchBaran, Arctus; (right) Unknown race. Shrewd and ruthless captain of a mercenary vessel who's crew was controlled with neural servo inplants. Hired by the Vulcan isolationists to find the fragments of the Stone of Gol. TNG "Gambit, Part 1" 7-156

Bardeezan; A Bardeezan merchant ship was trying to depart from DS9 in 2370. The ship was briefly suspected of carrying the abducted Gul Dukat, but was later cleared. DS9 "The Maquis, Part 1" 2-40

Gia - Barkonian child who brought Data home with her - Kimberly Cullum

Barkonian; (left) Humanoid inhabitants of planet Barkon IV. The Barkonians have purple-colored symmetrical forehead markings. In 2370, their civilization was in a pre-industrial stage. TNG "Thine Own Self" 7-168

Barolian; Humanoids from Barkon IV in Romulan space. Discovered on the fringes of the Empire in 2364, they were annexed within a year. Considered subjects of the Romulan Empire, the Barolians industrial and commercial base is built around supporting the Romulan Empire. Barolian's have a limited interstellar capacity with only a few dozen freighters mainly used for commerce with the Romulan Empire. Several rogue or pirate ships have been sighted. Barolians are humanoids with unusually photosensitive skin and wear grey or brown robes in public. They have the ability to see many infrared frequencies, thus allowing them to work normally in very low light. TNG "Unification-Part II" 5-108Premier Bhavani - Barzan who tried to sell rights to the Barzan wormhole - Elizabeth Hoffman

Barzan; (right) Vaguely feline humanoids from planet of the same name. Barzan II physiology requires small amounts of ammonia and Barzan's off planet must wear small breathing apparatus over the cheek. Their homeworld's atmosphere is toxic and all visitors must wear environmental gear or stay in one of several orbital stations. Barzan is politically neutral and has an economy based on rare mineral export and development of environmental and life support gear. TNG "The Price" 3-56

Benthan; Technologically sophisticated civilization from the Delta Quadrant. Benthan scientists tested a prototype spacecraft that used a coaxial warp drive propulsion system. VOY "Vis à Vis"

Mordock - Benzite who was part of the officer exchange program - John PutchBenzite; (left) Blue skinned humanoids from Benzar. A recent member of the Federation, Benzar is similar to most class M worlds except it has significant quantities of methane, thus Benzite's off their homeworld require a small device worn over their face to supply additional gasses. Most Benzites look similar and Benzites from the same geostructure appear identical to all but other Benzites. Benzite's are known for innovative computer designs and programming techniques. TNG "Coming of Age" 1-19

Berellian; A race of humanoids known for their artistic abilities and technical ineptitude. While highly advanced in all the arts, their science and engineering lag centuries behind similar races. They are members of the Federation and Berellian artworks are quite treasured. Physically, they are tall humanoids with elongated fingers and feet. TNG "Redemption, Part II" 5-101

Beta Agni II; Class-M planet, site of a Federation colony. The Beta Agni II colony experienced a sudden tricyanate contamination of its water supply in 2366. The contamination was neutralized with the assistance of the Enterprise-D, which obtained an adequate supply of hytritium, and delivered it into the planet's subsurface water. TNG "The Most Toys" 3-70

Biler - the man who greeted Captain Kirk when they first beamed down to the planet - Ralph MaurerBeta III; (left) Class-M planet located in star system C-111. The humanoid inhabitants of Beta III once had a technologically advanced, but war-ridden society. Some 6,000 years ago, a great leader named Landru united these people by returning them to a simpler time. Upon his death, Landru's leadership continued by a sophisticated computer system that governed the people. It was this Landru that destroyed the starship Archon and absorbed it's crew. The computer's rule continued until 2267, when Landru was destroyed while attempting to absorb the crew of the Enterprise. TOS "Return of the Archons" 1-21

Beta Portolan; Home of an ancient civilization whose population was wiped out centuries ago by what was later called Denevan neural parasite. Archaeological evidence indicated the inhabitants of the Beta Portolan system were the first victims of these creatures. TOS "Operation-Annihilate!" 1-29

Beta Renner Entity inhabited Picard and brought the Enterprise back to its home.Beta Renner cloud; (right) An intelligent, spaceborne entity. The Enterprise-D encountered the life-form near the Beta Renner star system in 2364. This entity came aboard the starship and entered the neural systems of several Enterprise-D crew members, including Captain Picard, in an attempt to establish communications with life-forms it considered extremely alien. TNG "Lonely Among Us" 1-7

Beta XII-A entity who lived by making the Enterprise Crew and the Klingon crew fight.Beta XII-A entity; (left) Alien life-form of unknown origin, composed of pure energy, that thrived on the energy of negative emotions. The entity, first encountered at planet Beta XII-A, was capable of manipulating matter and the minds of its victims. It created a confrontation between crew members of a Klingon ship and the Starship Enterprise in 2268. Pitting these longtime enemies against each other, the entity fed on their anger, growing stronger as their hatred increased. The entity was defeated by a peaceful collaboration between the Klingons and the Enterprise crew. TOS "Day of the Dove" 3-62

Ambassador Lwaxana Troi - Betazoid Ambassador and mother of Deanna Troi - Majel Barrett RoddenberryCrewman Lon Sudar - Betazoid crewman aboard the Voyager - Brad DourifBetazoid; (right) Betazoids hail from the Federation member planet Betazed. A peaceful race that have developed highly telepathic abilities, the Betazoid people appreciate fine arts, literature, and philosophy. As all Betazoids are telepathic, they usually do not need to vocalize their thoughts to one another in order to communicate, but can do so for the benefit of offworlders. It is a natural ability, and likewise the strength of the skill varies from one to another. Most develop the ability in adolescence, but a few have congenitally active telepathic abilities that may cause severe mental problems due to their inability to screen out other peoples minds. Screening is a skill that is absolutely necessary for the well-being of a Betazoid,particularly for those with keen telepathic sensory skills. Externally, Betazoids are among the most humanoid species on record, and are indistinguishable from humans in every aspect but one, they have very black eyes and show no iris color. They can reproduce with humans, although this often dilutes the telepathic abilities of the offspring, case in point: Commander Deanna Troi. The children of such a union often develop empathic rather than full telepathic abilities, though they can still communicate telepathically with their Betazoid parent and a bonded mate. Full Betazoids are unable to read the minds of Ferengi, Breen, Ullians or Dopterians due to their unusual brain lobe formations, but some half Betazoids have been occasionally successful in sensing the emotions of these species.Betazoid symbol
Society Betazoid society tends toward more formal and elaborate traditions and ceremonies than most cultures in their present evolutionary stage. Some of the rites often make the more conservative Federation offworlder uneasy at first, most notably the traditional wedding ceremony in which no clothing is to be worn. Though there are no official gender-based restrictions in place within Betazoid society, women have traditionally held many positions of authority.
Betazoids are a race of pacific philosophers who are more likely to observe than act, and consequently have little use for weapons or even defense systems. Their planetary defense system were outdated the moment they were finally in place and proved to be Dr. Ja'dar - Bilanaian scientist who invented the soliton wave - Richard McGonaglequite useless when the Dominion . Nonetheless are considered a major world of the Federation and their fall during the Dominion war in 2374 struck home the devastation that had eaten away at the Federation's formerly secure borders. TNG "Encounter at Farpoint" 1-1&2

Bilanaian; (right) Federation members from planet Bilana III. Site where soliton wavy based propulsion was developed. The soliton wave was generated by an array of massive generators on the surface of Bilana III and projected toward a sister facility on the planet Lemma II. The test was not successful. TNG "New Ground" 5-110

Hars Adislo - Bolian Ambassador at the reception on the Enterprise - John HostetterBolian; (left) Humanoid race from Bolarus IX distinguished by light blue skin and a bifurcated ridge running down the center of the face. Bolians are one of the more active members of the Federation with supplying a large amount of officers and enlisted personnel to Starfleet each year along with extensive scientific and cultural attaches to civilian projects. Bolian culture is one of service and research. Their sciences are comparable to modern Federation standards. TNG "Conspiracy" 1-25

Dobora - Boraalan wife of Nikolai Rozhenko - Worf's brother - Penny JohnsonB'omar; Technologically sophisticated humanoid civilization from the Delta Quadrant. The governmetn was willing to permit passage of Voyager but imposed such severe limitations on the agreement that Voyager personnel elected to travel around the region instead.A paranoid species who offered a very convoluted path through their space. VOY "Raven" 4-74

Boraalan; (right) Humanoid inhabitants of planet Boraal II, who lived on a technological level similar to Earth's medieval period. The planet underwent a catastrophic transformation in 2370. The planet's atmosphere suddenly dissipated, rendering it uninhabitable. The colony observer, Nikolai Rozhenko, broke the Prime Directive when he tricked the Enterprise personnel into transporting the entire Boraalan village he had been studying to Vacca VI. Colonists were housed in a holodeck that Rozhenko had created to fool the Boraalans into believing they were on a trek to a new area on their own planet. TNG "Homeward" 7-165

Boranis III; The population of Boranis III was infected with a plague that consumed thousands of lives. Dr. Julian Bashir was able to identify the pathogen and inoculate the entire population. DS9 "The Quickening" 4-96

The Borg Queen who dealt with Picard and then with Janeway - Alice KrigeOne of the Borg who abducted Picard from the bridge of the Enterprise - uncreditedBorg; (right) The Borg are a race of "enhanced" humanoids native to the Delta Quadrant. Originally completely organic, their evolutionary development led them to create the highly effective hive social structure that achieves a collective consciousness through cybernetic implants.
To the Borg, individual thought and action are considered imperfect and weak. They travel through the universe in their hive cubicles seeking new civilizations to assimilate into their own consciousness, or in their words, "add the biological and technological distinctiveness of to their own". They don't simply assimilate individuals, they devour cultures, races, entire worlds in achieving their understanding of perfection. If a Borg drone dies or is beyond repair, his memory will still be retained by the collective. So in a sense all Borg are immortal.
Each Borg has cybernetic implants that differ with the specific designated task. The assimilated drone has only to listen to the murmur of thousands that transmit into his mind precisely the task at hand, never needing to decide independently nor worry about what course of action to take. The result is an outward harmony and complete cooperation among the drones at the price of surrendering individual thought. Yet such a life of security has prompted Borgs separated from the collective to long to lose themselves within the collective again and return to the hive.
Assimilation is the Borg's means of adding or replacing drones, as well as their sole purpose of existence. New technology and knowledge is Borg symbolgathered in this way, and nearly every species encountered has been assimilated easily. Species 8427 is the notable exception. Assimilation is achieved by injecting nano-probes below the the victim's subcutaneous layer into the bloodstream, whose blood cells are then attacked and subjugated by the probes to work together and lay the groundwork for connection to the collective. Thousands of such probes can be injected within seconds, making the effects of initial assimilation immediate. Bio-technological interface with Borg cybernetic implants and attachments are also created by the nano-probes in preparation for surgical procedures that may include modified extremities for specific tasks, or optical and aural implants. Constant to all assimilated drones is the neural implant that is unremovable once installed. It is the actual connection the drone has to the rest of the collective, relaying all orders while maintaining records, coordinates, and other information about the drone's activities.
Hive Structure
The immense knowledge of all the assimilated Borg minds function as one, and each Borg is part of a giant subspace communications network called the Borg Collective. All critical information is relayed to each Borg through this network, allowing the instantaneous adaptation and reaction to any outside factors. The Collective is organized into a social hierarchy composed of several social hives with drones and a Borg Queen. The Queen does not function as a breeder of new drones, but the central consciousness that dictates the will and motives of the collective. She uses the pronoun "I" instead of "We" but does not appear to be truly individual, instead maintaining an awareness above that of an ordinary Borg. TNG "Q Who?" 2-42, MOV First Contact 8, VOY "Scorpion, Part I" 3-68

Boslic; A humanoid race whose freighter crew members often visit DS9. Members of this race usually have purple hair and a Y shaped indention on the forehead. DS9. "Sons of Mogh" 4-87

Bothan encountered by the Voyager crew - Patrick Kerr

Bothan; (left)  Bre'el scientists - pleaded with Picard to help stop an astroid headed for their planet - Richard Cansino as Dr. Garin and Betty MuramotoBothans are regarded as a fiercely territorial society and are endowed with extra-ordinary telepathic abilities. Using bio-electric energy fields, their psionic skills can cause mass delusions leading to catatonic states. Individuals so affected live out secret desires that are normally suppressed deep within their minds. VOY "Persistence of Vision" 2-24

Bre'ellian; (right) A planet whose asteroidal moon was knocked out of its orbit in 2366 by the nearby passage of a black hole or other celestial object. The moon's new orbit began to decay rapidly and soon threatened to collide with the planet's surface. Bre'el IV was heavily populated by a humanoid civilization that might have been wiped out if the moon did fall. The Enterprise-D made repeated attempts to return the moon to its proper orbit, but was unable to do so. The planet was finally saved by a magnanimous gesture from Q, who returned the moon to a nearly circular, 55,000 kilometer orbit. . Bre'ellians have blunt noses, knobbed crania and deep-set eye pockets with practically no jaw movement when speaking. TNG "Déjà Q" 3-61

Breen prisoner of the Jem'Hadar - UncreditedBreen; (right) A powerful and mysterious Alpha Quadrant species, the Breen are one of the very few major species that have evolved on a non-class M world. The Breen homeworld has an average temperature of approximately -53 C, a record low for any inhabited planet. They have evolved with a unique physiology in order to cope with this ultra-cold environment; although they breathe a fairly standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere at close to normal pressure, the Breen have no blood or other liquid circulatory system. Instead, their body is permeated by millions of tiny hollow tubules, which are open to the skin. These allow oxygen to be carried directly into the body; once there it is absorbed directly through the skin to be used by the internal organs. A similar process carries the waste gasses back out again. The Breen reproductive cycle is also unusual, in that they commonly produce offspring at a very early age. Given that most known major space faring species live on class M planets with an average temperature far above that of Breen, the Breen have had to develop environmental suits of great capability and reliability in order to co-exist with others. Given their nature, it is understandable that the Breen have become one of the Alpha Quadrants leading experts at creating and maintaining extremely cold environments. They are acknowledged experts on cold storage of chemical compounds.
Society: Given the environmental difficulties, casual visits to Breen worlds by non-Breen are virtually impossible. The Breen strongly discourage visitors, and all those who do visit Breen worlds are confined to purpose-designed encampments. Combined with the fact that the Breen habitually design environmental suits that hide their faces from view, this has given them their air of mystery. This has been further enhanced by the fact that some empathic species, most notably Betazoids, are unable to detect the thoughts or emotions of the Breen. Much of Breen is known to be a frozen wasteland, and it is widely thought that the Breen have deliberately avoided large surface developments for cultural reasons. Normal Breen body temperature is -38 C; exposure to temperatures above -13 C will kill them.
Politically nonaligned semi-humanoids from a world near the Black Cluster. The Breen normally wear heavy robes and an environmental support mask in a class M environment. Very little is known about their physiology or culture. Their technology is comparable to many other galactic powers. Although the Breen are politically nonaligned, many Breen act as pirates or raiders, jeopardizing their neutrality. The Breen can not be telepathically detected and have no such abilities themselves. Nevertheless, much has been discovered about the Breen over the years. They have developed organic technology to the point where they routinely use biological spacecraft. Some of these are fitted with cloaking devices, a technology the Breen apparently invented independently of the Romulans and Klingons. They use disruptor type weaponry rather than the phaser technology used by the Federation.
The Breen have something of an aggressive history; Breen privateers have conducted raids against other species on several occasions. In 2366 the Breen attacked and captured the Cardassian vessel Ravinok, using its crew as slave labor in the Dilithium mines on Dozaria. In 2372 the Breen also attacked the Bajoran colony of Free Haven. The Romulan saying, "Never turn your back on a Breen", sums up the reputation of this curious species. TNG "Hero Worship"5-111

Langor - Brekkian rescued by the Enterprise - Kimberly FarrBrekkian; (left) A humanoid race from Brekka in the Delos system. Almost identical to Terrans except for a extra cartridge bridge on the nose and the unique ability to provide a limited electrical discharge from the hands, while produced at great strain to the Brekkian, it can incapacitate the unwary. The parent race of the Onaran race also found in their system. For centuries the entire Brekkian economy was entirely built around supplying the narcotic Felicium to Onara, when their last supply freighter failed in 2364, their economy failed and Onara was able to break their addiction to Felicium. Since then the Brekkian economy has been in a depression. Brekkian technology is limited to interplanetary travel with unusually good development in the refinement of narcotics illegal in the Federation. The only successful business on Brekka is selling their narcotics illegally to other worlds in exchange for supplies or equipment. TNG "Symbiosis" 1-22

Danilo Odell - Bringloidi spokesman - Barrie InghamBringloidi; (right) Colonists from Earth who settled Bringloid V in the Ficus Sector. The Bringloidi, under the leadership of colony head Danilo Odell, were Irish descendants who had rejected advanced technology in favor a more agrarian lifestyle. Bringloid V was threatened by massive solar flares from the system's star. By 2365, the Bringloidi; were relocated on planet Mariposa. TNG "Up the Long Ladder" 2-44

Briori; Humanoid civilization in the Delta Quadrant. The Briori abducted humans from Earth in 1937 and transported them to their homeworld to be slaves. Eventually, the humans revolted and killed all the Briori, Using their technology and tools the humans took over the Briori homeworld. VOY "The 37's" 2-17

Budding species; A sentient, asexual species that reproduce by budding from their own bodies. This species is represented in Starfleet in the person of Vilix’pran, who was reassigned to a safer environment when he was budding. DS9 "Heart Of Stone" 3-60

Buronian; A long-dead culture whose pottery resembles both Taguan and Marlonian, Captain Picard once found fragments of their pottery in a dig on the Buronian homeworld. TNG "Rascals" 6-133

A pair of Bynars - worked on the Enterprise's computer - Iva Lane as 00 and Kelli Ann McNally as 11Bynar; (left) Small pale skinned humanoids from Bynaus in the Beta Magellan star system. The Bynars are heavily integrated into their planetary computer network that is the backbone of their society. Bynars live and work in pairs and converse entirely in binary code with the assistance of neural implants and waist mounted buffers. Their home star experienced a massive electromagnetic pulse in 2364 and required the massive computer core of a Galaxy class starship to restart it. The Bynars are recent members of the Federation. TNG "11001001" 1-15

Byzallian; Spacefaring life-forms. Representatives of the Byzallian government were scheduled to hold a conference at Deep Space Nine in 2371. DS9 "Defiant" 3-55

Byzatium; Planet name unspecified. Space-faring race, otherwise nondescript, whose six starships arrived at Deep Space Nine on Stardate 48467.3 DS9 " Defiant" 3-55

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