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Caretaker - as he appeared to the crew of Voyager - Basil LangtonThe natural form of the CaretakerNacene; (right) Noncorporeal extragalactic life-forms. The Nacene originated outside of our galaxy and exist as pure sporocystian energy woh can travel through subspace, although they can manifest themselves in solid humanoid form. A group of Nacene explorers visited our galaxy a millennium ago, accidentally devastating the envoronment of the Ocampa planet in the delta Quadrant. Two Nacene individuals, one known as the Caretaker, and another called Suspiria, remained behind to care for the Ocampa. VOY Nagilum - Enterprise encountered this being within a large area of starless space - Earl Boen"Caretaker, Part 1" 1-1

Nagilum; (left) An extradimensional life-form. The Enterprise-D encountered Nagilum during a star-mapping mission en route to the Morgana Quadrant in 2365. Nagilum treeatened the lives of one-third to one-half the enterprise crew, but it was later learned the threat was mearely its effort of trying to understand the hujan concept of life and death. TNG "Where Silence Has Lease" 2-28

Wesley allowed the nanites to escape the lab and they began to tear up the ship for parts to procreateNanites; (right) Planet: Kavis Alpha IV. Submicroscopic robotic life-forms created by the Federation which became sentient. The Federation granted them rights to colonize their own planet. TNG "Evolution" 3-49

Lt. Daniel L. Kwan - A half Napean/half Terren officer aboard the Enterprise - Tim LounibosNapean; (left) A race of partially empathic humanoids from Napea II. The Napeans are members of the Federation but take little interest in the rest of the galaxy. The Napeans are physically very similar to Terrans and Betazoids. Genetic analysis leads to the supposition that the Napean race is a transplanted cross between the two races, yet just different enough to be detected. Most Napian do not bother to use or cultivate their Psi skills, as their training techniques can take years for what Betazoids and Vulcans learn in weeks. Those that perfect their Empathic and limited Telepathic skills serve professionally in Napian culture. TNG "Eye of the Beholder" 7-170

Native American Colonist; Human colonists from Earth. The Dorvan colony was taken over by the Cardassians when the treaty was signed between Cardassia and the Federation. There were confrontations between the Cardassians and the Maquis over the change. DS9 "The Maquis, Part I" 2-40

Nausicaan who stabbed Lt. Jean-Luc Picard damaging his heart so Picard had to get an artificial heart - Clint CarmichaelNausicaan; Tall, surly, ill-tempered humanoids from some unknown planet in deep space. After 60 years of contacts between the Nausicaans, there is still little known about them. They have scattered outposts on the borders of the Federation near Ferengi space, leading to the theory that their homeworld is somewhere in their sphere of influence. Nausicaans are generally very inhospitable with vaguely lizard like faces and have attacked people with little provocation.TNG "Tapestry" 6-141

Nehru Colony; Federation colony near Deep Space 9 and the Bajoran system. Judzia Dax ordered the Colony be contacted via subspace link in an attempt to rescue the station's computer system threatened by an invading software life-form. DS9 "The Forsaken" 1-17

Noophian; A race that prefers efficiency and modernism over the need for history or reverence for older artifacts. Noophians do not keep track of their history and wonder why other races take so much interest in the past. TNG "Brothers" 4-77

Novans; The original Terra Nova colonists, who lived underground because of the “poison rain” which they thought was caused by humans. Captain Archer was finally able to convince them that the humans did not cause the poison and moved the colony to another side of the planet where they would be safe. ENT "Terra Nova" 1-6

Numiri; Planet: name unspecified. Warlike species that once shared the planet with the peaceful Baneans. Their weaponry and shields were superior to Voyager’s. VOY "Ex Post Facto" 1-8

Nuvians; The Nuvian masseuses on Risa that have 12 fingers on each hand, according to Trip Tucker. ENT "Fallen Hero"

Taleen - crew of Nyrian vessel who kidnapped the entire crew of Voyager - Nancy YoungblutNyrian; Technologically advanced humanoid ccivilization from the Delta Quadrant. The Nyrians had adbanced long-range transporter systems called translocators that they used to abduct crews of passing spacecraft andnearby space station. Using their translocators, they replacedthe crews of those ships and stations with Nyrian ersonnel. thereby gaining control of those vessels. Despite these acts of piracy, the Nyrians considered themselves a benevolent people, and they went to considerable lengths to care for those whose ships they had stolen. In 2373, Nyrian operatives abducted the crew of Voyager. The captivity did not last long, for Boyager captina Janeway and her crew were successful in escaping from the Nyrian vessel. In the process, they persuaded the Nyrians to release the prisoners held in the other environments on the Nyrian ship. VOY "Displaced" 3-67

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