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Ambassador E'Tyshra - leader of delegation who hire Dr. Bashir to destroy their biogenic weapons - Darleen Carr

T'Lani; (left) Humanoid people who were at war with the Kelleran for centuries until finally reaching peace in 2370. The T'Lani suffered great losses during the war, including the entire population of planet T'Lani III from using deadly biological warfare. DS9 "Armageddon Game" 2-33

T-Rogorans; Gamma Quadrant race that enslaved the matriarchal Skrreea for 800 years and killed their leaders. They were invaded and conquered by another Gamma Quadrant species, presumably the Jem’Hadar. DS9 "Sanctuary" 2-30

Orn Lote - Engineering specialist on planet Tagra IV - John P. ConnollyTagrans; (right) Humanoid race from Tagus IV in the Argolis Cluster. For decades Tagus IV was a textbook example of an ecologically destroyed world, with heavy amounts of all sorts of pollutants at all levels and no ozone layer. The planet was purified by intervention of the Q continuum in 2369. The Tagrans operated a massive air cleansing operation including 1000 baristatic filters. Tagaun ecological technology is far beyond the technology of most worlds because of the necessity of keeping Tagus IV class M. At one point, when surface temperatures were above 50 C and 9% oxygen, their was talk of reclassifying Tagus IV as class C. The Tagaun culture was almost lost as survivors of their environmental destruction barely survived in underground shelters and command posts. Fortunately their massive records have allowed for the reconstruction of much of Tagra IV. The Tagauns are mostly humanoid, slightly portly, with several cartridge facial ridges along the cheeks and forehead. TNG "True Q" 6-132

Consul - of the Tak Tak civilization - Albie Selznick

Tak Tak; (right) Humanoid society native to the Delta Quadrant. The Tak Tak use ritualistic body language as their primary form of communication and have a skeletal ridge which protrudes from their forehead, around their nose, and into their chin. The Tak Tak had serious problems with macrovirus infestations, and by 2373, had a strict policy of destroying any infected ship or colony. Captain Janeway described them as one of the more unusual species encountered in the Delta Quadrant, and also as the most unforgiving people she had ever met. Captain Janeway unknowingly gave one of the worst insults possible to a Tak Tak by placing her hands on her hips during a negotiation meeting. VOY "Macrocosm" 3-54

Jo'Bril - Takaran specialist in solar plasma reactions - James Horan

Takaran; (left) Vaguely reptilian semi-humanoids from an unknown world in Ferengi space. Little is known about Takaran culture or technology, but if they meet the pattern of worlds in Ferengi space they have minimal indigenous technology and are integrated fully into the Ferengi Alliance. Takarans appear to be normal humanoids with slightly reptilian features, but their internal physiology is astounding. It is highly decentralized with redundancies for every vital organ in all limbs and throughout the torso. This makes Takarans difficult to kill since most weapons would be ineffective, even phasers as high as level 6 do not kill a Takaran. Takarans can also control their metabolisms at will, thus regenerating quickly or faking death. TNG "Suspicions" 6-148

Ferengi posing as Takarian SagesTakarian; (right) Pre-industrial civilization in the Delta Quadrant. Planet at the terminus of the Barzan Wormhole. When a Ferengi shuttle went through the wormhole, it changed its location and the shuttle was stuck in the Delta Quadrant. According to Takarian mythology, some Great Sages were scheduled to arrive and the Takarians believed the Ferengi were those sages until Voyager happened upon them and pulled the plug on their scam. When the Ferengi attempted to return to the planet they were pulled back into the wormhole creating a gravitational eddy causing the wormhole endpoints to jump around erratically. VOY "False Profits" 3-47

Endar - Talarian who was step-father to human Jono - Sherman HowardTalarian; (left) Humanoid race from Talaria III near Cardassian space. Mostly humanoid except with a receded hairline in both sexes and a distinctively enlarged forehead. Talarian society is highly militaristic and patriarchal. Their technology lags far behind the Federation in most aspects, however they make up for quality in quantity. All Talarian males are conscripted for a standard 10 year period that incorporates education, military service, and loyalty training. The Talarians often display unusual bravery and place minimal value on their individual lives. Their was an ongoing conflict with the Talarians in the 2350's over the Galen system. The system had three Federation colonies and a Starbase with a system population of over 4 billion. The Talarians annexed the territory in 2353 and sent an armada to enforce their claim. The Talarians ignored all attempts at negotiations and ruthlessly destroyed the colony on Galen II, killing over 300 million people. For 4 years a long series of skirmishes punctuated by occasional massive ground and space battles. In 2357 the Talarians were driven out after a last, bloody, battle at Galen IV. TNG "Suddenly Human" 4-78

Talavian; Civilization. Talavians have spacecraft and do a great deal of trading between planets. DS9 "Things Past" 5-106

Neelix - Ethan PhillipsTalaxians; (right) A humanoid civilization native to the planet Talax in the Delta Quadrant. Externally Talaxians are identifiable by the distinctive yellow coloration of their skin and the ridges of bone on their skulls, (see associated image). Internally, the major difference between Talaxians and Humans is in the lung system; Talaxian lungs are directly linked to the spinal column at multiple points.
Talaxians tend to be a very enthusiastic and friendly people, quick to trust others and easy to get along with. They have few enemies, although in 2346 they entered into a war with the Haakonian Order. After ten years of fighting the Hakkonians used a Metreon Cascade weapon on Rinax, killing some 300,000 Talaxian colonists of that moon and prompting the Talaxians to surrender. Many Talaxians who came into contact with the fallout of the weapon subsequently developed metremia, a fatal blood disease. VOY "Caretaker, Part 2" 1-2

Tallonians; Tallonian crystals are illegal anywhere but on the Tallonian home world. DS9 "Hippocratic Oath" 4-76

Talosian Keeper - Meg WyllieTalosian; (left) Physically weak humanoid race from Talos IV. Several hundred thousand years ago the Talosians were nearly destroyed in a massive nuclear war. The survivors found underground life limiting and concentrated on developing their mental powers. After several thousand years the Talosians had developed powerful powers of illusion and telepathy. They could project ultra realistic images over reality, or into the minds of others. This became a powerful narcotic and the Talosian's physical strength and skill atrophied to the point where they could not maintain their complex artificial world. They required slave labor to service their systems, they began to project their illusion to deep space to lure passing travelers to Talos IV where they would capture and enslave the unlucky passers-by. In 2255 all entry to the Talos sector was banned under penalty of death, for fear of others gaining the Talosian's powers. When an agreement between the Talosians and the Federation in 2266, only entry to the Talos system was prohibited. The reason is that the Talosians have obtained a sufficient workforce to rebuilt their world and wish to be left alone to work. They had requested an envoy be sent in 100 years, sent 7 years ago, to consider Federation membership. They are beginning the slow membership process. TOS "The Cage" 0-0

Captain Dathon - kidnapped Picard in order to communicate with humans - Paul WinfieldTamarian; (right) a.k.a. 'The Children of Tama' Semi humanoid race first contacted in 2268. Tamarans are faintly reptilian with yellow skin and intricate patterns of red tattoos all over the skin. Tamarian language could not be understood until 2368. Their language translates into a system of stock phrases and metaphors. It was later understood to be metaphoric analogies to Tamarian myths. Unfortunately, little else is known since their language is still largely unknown and they have limited interest in interchange since the first language breakthrough. Their technology is approximately as advanced as the Federation. TNG "Darmok" 5-102

Tandarans;  Because of the actions of the Cabal, Tandarans are suspicious of all Suliban and built a detention center where they held innocent Suliban citizens. ENT "Detained" 1-21

Dr. Nel Apgar - Tanugan scientist who invented Cregar Waves - Mark MargolisTanugan; (left) Humanoids from Tanaga IV near the Klingon empire. Not members of the Federation but they maintain numerous trade agreements and joint research stations. Tanugan law is unusual in that it is based entirely on "Guilty until proven innocent" and they have a notoriously strict penal system. Tanugan males have a very pronounced receding hairline and enlarged forehead reminiscent of Talarians. Tanugan females are very similar to Terran females except for a slightly enlarged forehead. Tanugan technology is slightly behind the Federation in most aspects except for energy projection and generation, where they are on the cutting edge. TNG "A Matter of Perspective" 3-62

TarahongiansVery little is known about this Alpha Quadrant species. Once Quark sold two defective warp drives to one of them. They are considered very gullible. DS9 "The Nagus" 1-11

Tarchannian III; (left) Class-M planet. Site of a Federation outpost. Tarchannian III was home to an unusual life-form that Geordi becomes a Tarchannian - LaVar Burtonreproduced by planting a strand of DNA into a host body. The DNA strand would eventually take over the host body, causing it to metamorphose into a nonsentient reptilian humanoid. It is believed that all 49 members of the Tarchannian outpost suffered this fate in 2362 when contact was lost with the outpost. The U.S.S. Victory, dispatched to investigate the outpost, sent and away tam to the planet. Five years later, all five members of the away team were irresistibly compelled to return to the planet, apparently part of the metamorphosis process. Three members of the away team completed the metamorphosis and were irretrievably lost. The process was identified by Dr. Beverly Crusher in time to save two of the team. Warning beacons were placed around Tarchannian III so the planet would not be revisited. TNG "Identity Crisis" 4-92

Tarellian; (right) Ariana - Danitza KingsleyAn almost extinct race of humanoids from Tarella. Originating in a water rich world on the edge of the Federation, they began a horrible civil war incorporating biological weapons soon after developing interstellar flight. The plague wiped out all but a few hundred Tarellians. The survivors, although infected, showed some resistance to the disease. Escaping their homeworld in their small fleet of starships. Hunted by races fearful of contamination, Tarellian ships were destroyed wherever they were found. The last Tarellian ship arrived at Haven in 2364 with the last 8 survivors. They were granted sanctuary in Haven space from their hunters, however their contagion prevents their settling on any inhabited world. Unfortunately, the Tarellian plague cannot be removed by transporter biofilters. TNG "Haven" 1-11

Taresian; Technologically sophisticated spacefaring humanoid civilization in the Delta Quadrant. The Taresian population was ninety percent female because male children were very rare. To assure an adequate childbirth rate, they genetically engineered a retrovirus that they placed on several planets, designed to alter the DNA of a male host's body and mutate it into a Taresian being. It also imparted an instinctive urge to return to Taresia. VOY "Favorite Son" 3-62

Tarlac Officer -- Larry Anderson

Tarlac; (left) Humanoid civilization. The Tarlac were conquered early in the 24th century by the Son'a. By the late 24th century, the Tarlac were integrated into Son'a society as a labor class. Tarlac women were indentured as servants on a Son'a spacecraft. MOV Insurrection 9

Jeyal - Lwaxana Troi was married to Jeyal before marrying Odo - Michael AnsaraTavnian; (right) Humanoid civilization. Tavnians had a patriarchal society that believed in strict separation of the sexes. According to Tavnian tradition, male infants were taken and raised by men. and girls were raised by women. Tavnian children were not told that the other sex exists until they were 16 years old. DS9 "The Muse" 4-93

Teldarians; A false memory implanted in Geordi’s subconscience made Geordi think that he hopped a ride on a Teldarian cruser with his shuttle pod. He was trying to catch up with the Enterprise but was captured by the Romulans instead. TNG "The Mind's Eye" 4-98

Ambassador Gav - killed on the way to a Federation conference - John Wheeler

Tellarite; (left) Distinctly porcine semi-humanoids from Tellar in the 61 Cygni system. One of the Founding worlds of the Federation, they are major contributors in the fields of metallurgy and structural engineering. Tellarites are known for being among the best architects and starshipwrights in the Federation. Tellarites have a natural predisposition for belligerency and have raised debate and oration to a new level or art. Tellarites are around 1.5 meters tall with a snout, deep-set eyes, and thick fur. TOS "Journey to Babel" 2-39

Tellurians; Tellurian spices were offered for trade by Kivas Fajo to some Andorians. TNG "The Most Toys" 3-70

Trevean - Teplan doctor who treated patients by euthanisia - Michael SarrazinEkoria - first woman inoculated while pregnant who bore a child not infected with the Teplan Blight - Ellen WheelerTeplan; (right) Planetary system located in the Gamma Quadrant just outside Dominion space. In 2172, the inhabitants of one of the planets in the Teplan system resisted the Dominion, and for their defiance, a deadly plague called 'the blight' was unleashed on their world. For two centuries, the blight devastated Teplan society, causing untold suffering. In 2372, a Starfleet team led by Dr. Julian Bashir sought to develop a cure for the disease. Although Bashir could not find a cure, he was successful in developing a vaccine that was effective for newborn infants if administered to a mother before she gave birth. DS9 "The Quickening" 4-96

Terellians; A species of traders with warp technology. One distinguishing feather of this species is the fact that they have four arms. Tellurian freithters are frequently seen in Lyaar space. Their main exports are spices. DS9 "Life Support" 3-59

Captain James T. Kirk - in dress uniform - William ShatnerTerran (left) Planet Terra.  Physically, Terrans are bilaterally symmetrical bipeds whose skin and hair can vary considerably between individuals. As with most species there are two genders, male and female, but unusually there are several different racial groups. In most other respects Humans are physically close to the average for an Alpha quadrant species.
Federation SymbolThe founders of the United Federation of Planets, Humans have become one of the most influential races in this portion of the Alpha quadrant, Humans originate from the planet Earth in the Sol system. The early history of the planet was remarkable in many respects - chiefly for the number of contacts with alien civilizations that occurred. All of these proved to be of a very limited type however, and it was not until 2063 that the first official First Contact occurred. At this point Earth was suffering the effects of a large-scale nuclear war and was at a particularly low point. A group of scientists working under Zefram Cochrane had been working on a method of faster than light drive system for spacecraft when the war occurred. Despite having no official funding and poor living conditions the team pressed on with their project, and by 2063 they where able to launch the Phoenix, the first vessel in the alpha quadrant fitted with a warp drive.
Cochrane's flight attracted the attention of a Vulcan survey vessel that was in the system; the Vulcans subsequently sent a shuttlecraft down to make contact with Cochrane's team. The discovery that they where not alone in the universe had a profound impact on mankind, bringing all the people of the Earth together as never before.
As the only species equipped with warp drive technology, Humanity was able to virtually create the concept of interstellar trade. Human-built spacecraft totally monopolized this trade for over twenty-five years, bringing a flood of revenue that rebuilt the war-torn planet and turned it into an economic powerhouse. By 2113 poverty, hunger and war had been abolished from the planet and Humanity was a major power.
Throughout the next forty-five years Humanity continued to build an interstellar network of colonies and bases through a significant portion of the Alpha quadrant. Finally, in 2158 they encountered the Romulan Empire; the two powers fought a brief but intense war that was ended in 2160 when the Romulan Neutral Zone was established in order to provide a buffer zone between the two powers.
The Romulan War proved to Humanity that they had over-reached themselves, and they sought to form an alliance of different civilizations in order to provide for greater stability and prevent further conflicts. The United Federation of Planets was established in 2161 when the Humans and Vulcans signed the Federation Constitution. Although the Federation is regarded as a model of inter-species cooperation, Humans have always made up the bulk of its population and have therefore tended to dominate it. TOS, TAS, MOV, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT All episodes, all series.

Tesnians; Planet name: Tesnia. This species require six hours of boron gas a day in order to survive. Once a Tesnian ship ran into the Enterprise and crashed into an asteroid. Trip and Reed thought the Enterprise was destroyed when they discovered the wreckage. ENT "Shuttlepod One" 1-16

Thasian who came for Charlie X - Abraham SofaerThasian; (right) Thasians are a very powerful non-corporeal life-form from Thasus II. Little is know about the Thasians except that they are reclusive and aloof. They do not interfere or interact with offworlders. Their Psi powers are very powerful, including powerful telekinesis, Commander Loskene - Tholian who dealt with Kirk - voice of Barbara Babcockteleportation and physically altering matter. They were little more than legend until 2266 when the sole survivor of the S.S. Antares was discovered, he had been given advanced Psi by the Thasians to allow him to survive on the inhospitable world. When he was rescued by the Federation, he could not control his powers, to the Thasians kept him on Thasus for his own protection. TOS "Charlie X" 1-2

Tholian; (left) Crystalline race renowned for it's punctuality and highly territorial nature. They come from a world somewhere near the Federation/Klingon border. The Federation has had a longstanding conflict with the Tholians over several dozen star systems near the Klingon border. As of 2357 a cease-fire has taken effect and normal diplomatic relations have been established. The Tholians normally live in a hot Class C world and ships but can live for days or weeks without discomfort in a Class M environment. The Tholians have advanced gravitational technology and their primary Spacefaring weapon is the Tholian Web, a tractor beam web that can crush any ship caught in it's path. TOS "The Tholian Web" 3-64

Tkon Empire; Now dead empire. the last outpost of this civilization was on Delphi Ardu. TNG "The Last Outpost" 1-5

Dr Thomas Sevrin - brought several young people to look for Eden - Skip HomeierMavek - Gary WerntzTiburon; (left) Dr. Sevrin studied as a research engineer at Tiburon in the field of acoustics and communication. He was dismissed from Tiburon when he started the movement seeking the planet Eden. Rejecting the advancements of the 23rd century. TOS "The Way to Eden" 3-75

Tilonus IV; (right) Class-M planet, home to a humanoid civilization. The government of Tilonus IV was in a state of total anarchy when Commander William Riker attempted to rescue a Federation research team there in 2369. He was captured and subjected to neural manipulation in an attempt to extract tactical information from him. TNG "Frame of Mind" 6-147

Tosk; (left) Reptilian humanoid who, in 2369, was the first being to visit Deep Space 9 from the Gamma Quadrant. Tosk who befriended Chief O'Brien - Scott MacDonaldThe collective name Tosk stood for beings bred and trained to be tracked by the Hunters. Requiring only 17 minutes of sleep per rotation and storing liquid nutrients in plastic fibers throughout his body, Tosk was completely self-sufficient. Brought aboard the station after his spacecraft was damaged, he formed a friendship with Chief O'Brien. Hampered by a code of silence, Traveler - posed as a propulsion assistant to Kosinski- Eric MenyukTosk could not communicate his role as the hunted, even when the Hunters descended upon the station to take him back to their planet in disgrace. O'Brien disobeyed orders and the Prime Directive by allowing Tosk to escape, thus continuing the hunt and fulfilling his friend's deepest wish; the chance to die with honor. DS9 "Captive Pursuit" 1-6

Traveler; (right) An extremely advanced humanoid race from Tau Alpha C. The Travelers have some special power over time and space and thought. This power comes from a unique fusion of physics and metaphysics not understood by other races. Little is known about their world or people, but they appear as largely bald and quite tall humanoids with a pale complexion and an enlarged frontal lobe of the brain. TNG "Where No One Has Gone Before" 1-6

Squire Trelane - Life-form of unknown origin - William CampbellTrelane; (left) Life-form of unknown origin and extraordinary powers. Trelane kidnapped several Enterprise crew members in 2267. A tall, dashing humanoid male in appearance, Trelane was actually a small child from a civilization of noncorporeal life-forms. TOS "The Squire of Gothos" 1-17

Triacus; (right) Gorgon was called friendly angel by the children of the Starnes ExpeditionGorgan - life-form who caused the human adults to commit suiside and endangered their children - Melvin Belli Noncorporeal life-form from the Epsilon Indi system, who forced the adults from the Starnes Expedition on planet Triacus to commit suicide and deceived their children into following him and doing his evil bidding. The children could summon the Gorgon by chanting, "Hail, hail, fire and snow. Call the angel, we will go. far away, for to see, Friendly Angel come to me." TOS "And the Children Shall Lead" 3-59

Tribbles who revealed that Darvin was a KlingonTribbles; One of the more peculiar species encountered, the defining characteristic of the Tribbles is their extreme reproductive rate. Over half of a Tribbles metabolism is devoted to reproduction, allowing them to bear a litter of young every twelve hours. Their young are born pregnant, and can produce young of their own in step with their parents.
With an average litter of ten, a single Tribble can therefore create a population of 1,771,561 within three days, and an amazing 304,481,639,541,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in thirty days!
Fortunately, Tribbles can only breed if they have sufficient food. On their home planet their incredible reproduction is kept in check by a combination of a very limited food supply and some effective predators. If they are transported into an environment that lacks these checks, the effect can be devastating - there are examples of whole planets that have been practically overwhelmed by the Tribble.
The species first came to the notice of the Federation in 2267 when Cyrano Jones, a trader in gemstones, Kivas and Trillium, transported several Tribbles to Space Station K-7. The small limb less balls of fur generate a purring sound when stroked which many species find pleasing, and quickly became a popular choice as pets.
Because they were a plague on Kronos, the Klingons made these furry creatures an enemy of the Empire. Perhaps that is why Klingons are the only humanoids that Tribbles don't like. TOS "The Trouble With Tribbles" 2-44

Ambassador Odon - fell in love with Dr. Beverly - Franc LuzTrill; (left) Trills are humanoids capable of hosting a small vermiform symbiont within their abdominal cavity. The process of joining links the cerebral cortex of both host and symbiont, thus intermingling the previous experiences from other hosts with the new host to form a new unique identity. Trills themselves are easily recognized by the twin columns of spots that run from the forehead all the way down to the feet. Otherwise, they look completely Terran. That and their tendency to overlap the memory of past lives with the present set Trills apart. The symbiont roughly resembles a snail without the shell and is bred on the Trill homeworld in the vast interconnected breeding pools underneath the surface. They are tended, even pampered, by the Guardians, unjoined Trills who devote their lives to tending the pools and tracking the symbionts after joining.
Symbionts live for thousands of years, but Trills are considerably shorter-lived. So symbionts are often transferred from one host to another when the host dies. The knowledge and experiences of each host is retained by the symbiont, who share it with a new host.
Trill hosts voluntarily join with a symbiont, but once joined, both Trill and symbiont become biologically interdependent. After some 83 hours, neither Trill nor symbiont can survive without the other. The preservation of the symbiont's health is of paramount importance to the Trill, and if one must be sacrificed to save another, the Trill will invariably save the symbiont's life. The most important gauge of the health of the joined Trill is the isoboromine level. If it falls below 50, the symbiont will be removed from the Trill. Certain death awaits the host, but this is the standard policy for the Commission and is followed without question by all joined Trills. TNG "The Host" 4-97

Trill SymbolSociety
Trill society regards a joining with a symbiont as a very high honor. The Trill Symbiosis Commission has been the only Trill government agency mentioned frequently, an indication of its powerful influence. The commission was set up to determine which Trill could receive the honor of joining, and tended to the medical needs of the symbionts. Trill hosts are selected only after rigorous training as an initiate under the close scrutiny of the Symbiosis trainers. Everyone was led to believe that only a few Trills are capable of hosting a symbiont, but Jadzia Dax and Benjamin Sisko realized that this was not the case. A doctor within the Committee admitted that while over half of the Trill population is eligible for joining, this truth could never be made public. If the truth got out, the symbionts would become a marketable item instead of the priceless preserver of experience it is.
The memories and lifetime of a previous host should not interfere with the duties and obligations of the new host. This is known as reassociation, a retrograde link strictly forbidden by the Symbiosis Commission. For once every personal obligation is carried on to the next host, there'd be no end to the debts and pledged from previous lifetimes. If such a disregard of Trill society occurs, both hosts will be banished from Trill for life, and the symbiont will die. Since nothing is as paramount to a Trill as the safety of the symbiont, the risks involved in reassociation make occurrences few and far between. TNG "The Host" 4-97, DS9 All.

Odon symbiontIan Andrew Troi - an unnamed alien who grew a human form inside Deanna Troi - Zachary BenjaminTrill symbionts; (left) On average only 300 symbionts are available for hosting each year. The personality of the symbiont is superimposed on the host’s mind and they communicate separately or together. A host can request a specific symbiont. DS9 "Playing God" 2-37

Troi, Ian Andrew; (right) A life form that impregnated Deanna Troi and was born within hours and grew amazeingly fast. He realized that his being on the ship was causing problems so he left. TNG "The Child" 2-27

Troyian; (right) Blue skinned and blond haired humanoids from the Tellun star system near Lord Petri - Troyian who tried to teach Elaan, Troyian customs and manners - Jay RobinsonKlingon space. At war with the Elasian's who share their system for decades, a peace treaty was signed in 2268 after the fear of interplanetary nuclear war was imminent. Their technology is limited to low warp travel within their sector, during their war they had primitive interplanetary technology equal to the Terran 2030's. Since the signing of their peace treaty both worlds have become members of the Federation. TOS "Elaan of Troyius" 3-68

Unnamed aliens buying treats on the promonad of DS9 - UncreditedTrunkhead aliens; (left) Planet unspecified. They have dull brown skin with pointed upswept ears and long, trunk-like protrusions from the back of the skull. Their trunks have large dark spots. Frequently seen in Federation facilities like DS9. DS9 "Emissary, Part I" 1-1

Tygarians; Dr. Farallon - inventer of the partical fountain and exocomps - Ellen BryA major race with warp technology. They have green scaly skin and two blunt horns at the forehead. DS9 "The Homecoming" 2-21

Tyrus VIIA; (right) Site where Dr. Farallon developed and tested an experimental particle fountain mining technique in 2369. Dr. Farallon also developed the exocomps, inadvertently endowing them with sufficient intelligence for them to become sentient life-forms. TNG "Quality of Life" 6-135

Tzenkethi; Civilization native to the Alpha Quadrant. The Tzenkethi were once at war with the United Federation of Planets. In 2371, a Founder posing as Ambassador Krajenski almost caused another Tzenkethi war when he seized control of the U.S.S. Defiant with the intent of attacking a Tzenkethi settlement. DS9 "The Adversary" 3-72

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