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Unknown aliens who kidnapped Picard - Jerry Rector and Jeff Rector abducting aliens; (left) An unspecified alien species that is capable of shapeshifting. They captured Picard and two others from differing races to compare the three. When Picard discovered the ruse the aliens brought Picard back to the Enterprise. TNG "Allegiance" 3-66

Chorgan - Leader of the Acamarian Gatherers - Steven LeeSoverign Marouk - Leader of the Acamarian People - Nancy Parsons

Acamarian; (right) A humanoid race from Acamar III. Mostly like Terrans except their blood is a unique iron/copper composite. For the past century, they have enjoyed peace, except for the nomadic marauding Gatherers. They also have a slight cleft in their forehead and often display individualized facial tattooing. The Acamarians have strongly divided clan structures and membership in one is of extreme social and political importance. TNG "The Vengeance Factor" 3-57

Akaali; Pre-industrial society encountered by the Enterprise NX-01. The Akaali were suffering from a mysterious plague caused by a secret Malurian mining operation. Luckily, Captain Archer uncovered this information, destroyed the operation, and left behind a cure for the Akaali. ENT "Civilization" 1-9

Akritirian; Race from Akritiri. Technologically sophisticated civilization in the Delta Quadrant. The Akritiri had an oppressive government and a system of justice described by Starfleet observers as cruel and draconian. Their system of justice allowed no possibility of escape or reprieve from their prison on a satellite station. Prisoners were equipped with a cortical implant that caused them to be aggressive and irritated effectively keeping them from cooperating to escape. They were left with no guards or medical facilities. Prisoners were never released. VOY "The Chute" 3-45

Alcyones; It was thought that the Alcyones destroyed the last Tarellian plague vessel in 2356. TNG "Haven" 1-11

Radue - male leader of the Aldeans - Jerry Hardin

Aldean; (left) Humanoids from the once hidden world of Aldea in the Epsilon Mynos system. They have suffered severe genetic damage from ozone depletion resulting from their planetary cloaking device. They are highly advanced in the arts and sciences but have become sterile from their ancient cloaking technology. The future of the Aldean race is in serious doubt. TNG "When the Bough Breaks" 1-17

Algolian - playing Algolian ceremonial rhythms - uncreditedAlgolians; (right) From the Algol System. A humanoid race, distinguished by golden leathery skin with small circular openings on the head. A native played the culture's famed ceremonial rhythms for a reception at Betazed. TNG "Ménage à Troi" 3-72

Al-Leyan; Otherwise unspecified race that operated a transport from Deep Space Four to Caere IV. TNG "The Chase" 6-146

Barash - aka Jean-Luc Riker, aka Ethan - Chris DemetralAlpha Onias III; (right) A humanoid child who was forced to leave his home planet when it was attacked in the late 2350s or early 2360s. Fearing for his safety, Barash's mother hid him in a cavern on Alpha Onias III. The cavern was equipped for his survival and included specialized neural Scanners that were able to transform matter into any form imagined, so that he could live his life in safety. TNG "Future Imperfect" 4-82

Caylem - father to a woman killed in the resistance movement. He mistook Janeway for his daughter - Joel GreyAlsaurian; (left) The Alsaurians are second class citizens of a planet where the Mokra who have seized control. The Mokra do not allow the Alsaurians to have communications equipment. VOY "Resistance" 2-28

Alsuran; Delta Quadrant civilization that was wiped out by the Krenim temporal weapon ship in an alternate time line. VOY "Year of Hell, Part II" 4-76

Yanar - daughter of Debin, Leader of Altec - Rosalind IngledewAltec; (right) Along with Straleb, part of the Coalition of Madena. Although Altec was technically at peace with Straleb, relations between the two planets had been strained to the point that an interplanetary incident was created when it was revealed that Benzan of Straleb was engaged to Yanar of Altec in 2365. TNG "The Outrageous Okona" 2-30

Altorans; Origin: unknown. Rumored to be traders with the Miradorn species. DS9. "Vortex" 1-12

Enormous single-celled organism that floated in space and consumed planetsAmarie - musician with four arms on Qualor II - Harriet Leider

Amarie; (right) Musician on the planet Qualor II. She had four arms. Wife of a smuggler killed when he blew up his ship to avoid capture by the Enterprise. TNG "Unification, part II" 5-108

amoeba; A massive spaceborne single-celled organism that consumed the Gamma 7A System in 2268. The creature strongly resembled microscopic protozoans found on terrestrial planets save for its enormous size. The spaceborne amoeba was 18,000 kilometers long, and about 3,000 kilometers wide, surrounded by a large energy-absorbing field. The creature was believed to originate from outside our galaxy. TOS "The Immunity Syndrome" 2-47

Caretaker - the amusement park planet - Oliver McGowanAmusement Park Planet; (right) A planet in the Omicron Delta region. The only humanoid on the planet was the caretaker. After his death the main computer took over and the planet became dangerous. TOS "Shore Leave" 1-15

Ronin - anaphasic life-form - Duncan Regehranaphasic life-form; (left) Anaphasic life-form who appeared in human form as a 34-year-old man. Ronin, who needed the company of a suitable human female in order to maintain his molecular cohesion., claimed to have been born in 1647, in Glasgow, Scotland. He originally found a suitable host with Jessel Howard, gaining a powerful hypnotic control over her. Ronin formed a symbiotic relationship with Howard, giving her emotional sustenance, while she gave him molecular cohesion. Upon Jessel's death, Ronin joined with each successive female member of the howard line, until his relationship with Felisa Howard in the 24th century. When Felisa died in 2370, Ronin attempted to join with Beverly Crusher, Felisa's granddaughter. He attempted to entice Beverly to resign form Andorian Ambassador Shras - Reggie NalderStarfleet, but Beverly learned of his true nature and was forced to kill him when he threatened the lives of her friends. TNG "Sub Rosa" 7-156

Andorian; (right) Blue skinned humanoids from the Andor in the Epsilon Indii system. Characterized by blue skin, white hair, and a pair of long antennae on their head. They are a founding race of the Federation but have a history of political trouble. When provoked, the Andorians can become extremely savage. Generally however, the Andorians are a productive and benevolent race. TOS "Journey to Babel" 2-39 ENT “The Andorian Incident” 1-7

Beata - The Elected One of Angel One's Matriarchy - Karen Montgomery

Angel One; (left) Class-M planet supporting carbon-based life-forms including an intelligent humanoid population. Ruled by a constitutionally run, elected matriarchy, the planet's society treated males as second class citizens, although this may be expected to change over time. In 2364, Angel One began the process of radical reforms to grant equal rights for men on the planet. Angel One is located fairly close to the Romulan Neutral Zone. TNG "Angel One" 1-14

 Ex-Soldier Roga Danar - an escaped veteran who demanded rights for all veterans of the Angosian military - Jeff McCarthyPrime Minister Nayrok - leader of the Angosians - James CromwellAngosian; (right) Humanoid inhabitants from Angosian III. Nonviolent by nature, they are advanced in the development of the mind and intellect. They petitioned for Federation membership in 2366. Their application was suspended upon revelations of abuse of veterans of their Tarsian War. These veterans were treated to intense psychological conditioning and exotic biochemical alterations to make them nearly invincible. These veterans were imprisoned on an uninhabitable moon to separate them from the populace. The Angosians have since resolved these problems and are close to achieving Federation membership. TNG "The Hunted" 3-59

Badar N'D'D - Antican Ambassador - Marc Alaimo

Antican; (left) Large, canine, humanoids from Antica in the Beta Renner star system. A carnivorous species that prefers to consume live or raw meat. They had a long-standing dispute with the Selay, another sentient race that lived in their system. They applied for Federation membership in the year 2364 and negotiated a peace with the Selay. The Anticans become members of the Federation in 2371. TNG "Lonely Among Us" 1-7Antedean Ambassador - Mick Fleetwood

Antedean; (right) Fish-like humanoids from Antede III. Mostly introverted with little outside interests. In 2365 they petitioned for admission to the Federation. The petition was a ruse however, as the ambassador attempted to smuggle large amounts of ultritium to use as an explosive and destroy the conference and it's delegates. Investigation proved that the Antedean ambassador was an agent of a small terrorist group. Since then, the Antedean government has gone to great lengths to disavow any authorization of this plot. Since then, the Antedeans have gained membership in 2372. Antedeans find space-flight extremely traumatic and survive the ordeal by entering a self-induced catatonic state. Upon revival they require large amounts of food to replenish their bodies. TNG "Manhunt" 2-45

Antos IV: Federation planet. Homeworld to benevolent and peaceful people who taught Captain Garth the art of cellular metamorphosis. TOS "Whom Gods Destroy" 3-69Ambassador Taxco of Arbazan - Constance Towers

Arbazan; (left) A highly conservative semi-humanoid race known for their ultra-right, almost Fascist, political and social policies, with a reputation for arrogance. Members of the Federation, they are perennial sources of right wing dissent among the liberal Federation. They are easy to take offense, and find haven in boring, bureaucratic jobs or mundane research jobs. They are mostly humanoid except with a vestigial ridge just above the eyebrow and along the nose. DS9. "The Forsaken" 1-17

Arcturian; A race of humanoids from Arcturus VI. Arcturians are hairless and have very, very loose skin, to the point where there are dozens of loose folds of skin throughout the body. Arcturians generally frown on sexual reproduction, and often choose to have themselves cloned. Arcturian culture frowns on individuality and sexuality and encourages conformity and asexuality. Arcturus VI is a member of the Federation, although their culture often causes conflicts with the other worlds. Midro - Ardanan of the worker class - Ed LongTNG "Ménage à Troi" 3-72

Ardanan; (right) Workers on the planet surface of Ardana. The wealthy lived on the cloud city Stratos. TOS "The Cloud Minders" 3-76

Argala; Planet in the Delta Quadrant which had an arctic tundra climate, was home to a technologically sophisticated civilization. Some Argalan were captured by the Nyrian operatives. VOY "Displaced" 3-67

Kara - dancer murdered by Rejac - Tania LemaniSabo - wife of Jarvis, leader of Argelis - Pilar SeuratArgelian; (left) A race of humanoids from the strategically important world of Argelius II. A culture devoted to peace and pleasure. Almost identical to Terrans. The resorts of Argelius are known for their warm hospitality, good food, and virtually nonexistent crime rate. Some Argelian women are known to have certain empathic and low grade telepathic abilities. The Argelians have little ability or desire for administration and usually hire outworlders for most low and mid level governmental jobs. TOS "Wolf in the Fold" 2-43

Argosian; A race of aquatic humanoids from an unknown world in deep space. While capable of surviving in an atmospheric environment with a breathing mask, they prefer to travel in class N accommodations. Short tempered and egotistical, they are often distrusted or outright hated by many. They prefer not to fight, as their water supply proves an easy target. They were once an air breathing race of humanoids, until global warming eradicated all but a few square kilometers of ground. Advanced Argosian genetic technology made this change possible, along with advanced structural and electrical engineering that allowed an entire civilization to be moved underwater. DS9. "Dax" 1-8K'Par Rinn - Argrthi Official who carried out the punishment on O'Brien - Margot RoseEe'Char - an imaginary prisoner with O'Brien - Craig Wasson

Argrathi; (right) Humanoid society native to planet Argratha. The Argrathi had an unusual form of punishment for criminals that involved implanting memories into the accused's brain.
These memories would cause the criminal to have effectively experienced years of brutal incarceration, whin in reality, no actual prison time was served. Thereby saving the government the cost of building and operating prisons. DS9. "Hard Time" 4-91Mr. Orton - Arkarian administrator of the Federation Remmler Array orbiting Arkaria - Glenn Morshower

Arkarian; (left)There is a Federation facility located on the planet Arkaria. Starships can dock in the array above the facility for baryon decontamination sweeps. While the Enterprise-D was there, terrorists boarded the Enterprise to steal trilithium resin from the ship's engines. The team of thieves were lead by the Station's Administrator, Mr. Orton. TNG "Starship Mine" 6-144

Arritheans; Delta Quadrant civilization. Voyager had trade dealings with the Arritheans. VOY "Revulsion" 4-73
Dr. Pran Tainer - husband of Julianna Soong Tainer - William LithgowAtrean; (right) Atreans are a humanoid race from Atrea IV characterized by skin involutions in the temporal region of the cranium that fuse with enlarged ears. Atrea IV is a class M world and a member of the Federation. Atrea IV recently underwent a ferroplasmic infusion to reliquify it's solidifying core, which was causing massive seismic, magnetic, and gravitational disruptions. Atrean culture is one based on electronic entertainment and an industrial economy. Atrea IV is a leading manufacturer of computer systems, recreational holodeck programming, and commercial communications. TNG "Inheritance" 7-162

Avianoid aliens; unspecified humanoid species distinguished by white hair and a beak-like mouth and a Klingon-like forehead ridge. DS9. "The Forsaken" 1-17

Axanar; The Enterprise crew discovered a ship full of Axanar bodies drained of their bodily fluid. An Axanar ship investigating the attacked ship later saved the Enterprise from an attack by the same species that killed their people. ENT "Fight or Flight" 1-3

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