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Legaran; A reclusive race of gastropods. They generally require a viscous organic fluid environment for movement and nourishment. Because of this, they rarely travel off planet. They are highly advanced in the arts and science, particularly genetic engineering. They finally signed a treaty with the Federation in 2368 after nearly a century of negotiations. TNG "Sarek" 3-71

Lenarian; Humanoids found throughout the Federation. They are often found as miners, or other menial professions. Their homeworld has been lost to antiquity, as they have had spaceflight for millennia. In their exodus from a polluted homeworld they lost the records of the pre-exodus times including the coordinates of their homeworld. All that survived were isolated stories and legends. Their technological progress has been very slow since achieving warp flight however, and they hold a resentment against the Federation because of it's rapid progress and meticulous record keeping. TNG "Tapestry" 6-141

Soto - Lethean who stole the secret of The Sword of Kahless from Kor. - Tom Morga

Lethean; (right) Humanoid species. Letheans are able to attack an opponent by giving a severe, usually fatal, telepathic shock. In 2371, a Lethean named Altovar attacked Dr. Julian Bashir in this way, but the telepathic shock merely put him into a temporary coma. Another Lethean (Soto) attacked Kor and telepathically stole information about the Sword of Kahless. DS9 "The Sword of Kahless" 4-81

Leyron; Humanoids from Malkus IX. They have barely achieved warp flight and are just beginning to explore the Galaxy. They are of note to linguists that one of their major subcultures developed a written language significantly before spoken or sign languages. They also use gestures for nonverbal communication. Janeway studied Leyron gestures. TNG "Loud as a Whisper" 2-31

Yareena - Lutan's First One - Carole SelmoneLutan - Head of government on Ligon II- Jessie Lawerence FergusonLigonian; (left) Dark skinned humanoids from Ligon II. They lack advanced technology but possess significant agricultural abilities. They hold ritual honor highly and have a strong and stable social structure. In Ligonian culture the females posses the land and property but allow the males to rule in their name. Thus giving women a certain degree of equality in an otherwise patriarchal society. They have several treaties with the Federation for supplies of rare vaccines and antibiotics.TNG "Code of Honor" 1-4

Lissepian; ; Planet: Lissepia. A famous humanoid race of traders from Cardassian space. Characteristically burly and yellow/green skinned, Lisepians also have a large aft lobe of the brain with an aft ridge vaguely reminiscent of Dopterians. Lisepians have modern interstellar spaceflight technology and operate many independent trading and shipping ships. Lissepians trade in anything legal (usually) of any value, including holographic equipment, building equipment, and foodstuffs. DS9 "The Forsaken" 1-17

Loque’eque; An extinct species from the Delphic Expanse. The world was rendered sterile and in an effort to continue the species they created a virus designed to rewrite the DNA of any species landing on the empty world. Archer and Reed and T’Pol land on the planet and become Loque’eque. Phlox is able to created an antivirus to resore the crew to their natural forms. ENT "Extinction" 2-58

Lorillians; Alpha Quadrant species. Lorillian children are born with the ability to breathe only methyloxide via an inhalation apparatus. This means that mother and child must deal with a difficult weaning process when the child reaches age four. Commander Trip Tucker observed a mother and child engaging in this process, and assumed the child was being suffocated. T'Pol corrected him. ENT "Broken Bow" 1-1

Lothra; Planet name unspecified. A sentient, space-faring species of hydrogen breathers capable of inhabiting Class M environments with adaptive gear; otherwise unspecified but apparently of Alpha or Beta quadrant origin. The species was known to Curzon or a previous Dax host, since Jadzia talked of a Lothra who mated with a Oxygen for 57 years. They could only spend 40 minutes a day together without their breathing apparatus. DS9 "Melora" 2-26

Vas Alkar - Ambassador who used his empathic powers for evil purposes - Chip Lucia

Lumerian; (right) Ves Alkar, Federation mediator. Used his Lumerian empathic powers to surreptitiously transfer his negative emotions into another person, giving him the emotional strength to handle even the most difficult disputes. These receptacles suffered from greatly accelerated aging and severe personality disorders, eventually dying. TNG "Man of the People" 6-129

Morn - talkative Lurian who lived on DS9 and frequented Quark's bar - Mark Allen Shepard

Lurian; (left) A race of large semi-humanoids from deep space. Burly and large with no necks, a large chin, and a slightly apelike appearance. Few Lurians have been found in Federation space but those who are known exist mainly as gamblers or barkeeps. Unfortunately we have seen no examples of Lurian ships or technology, but is estimated to be somewhat behind the Federation. Lurians have strong voices but generally do not speak for reasons unknown. DS9 Many

Lyaarans; (right) Planet:Lyar. A humanoid, non-Federation race who reproduce using a technique described post-cellular compounding. When they are "born" from Loquel and Byleth - Lyaaran Ambassadors studying the concepts of pleasure, antagonism and love - Paul Eiding and Michael Harriswithin their natal pods, they emerge fully developed as adults. Lyaarans find humans fascinating because many of their intrinsic beliefs and practices share nothing in common with Terrans. For example, the Lyaarans are not familiar with pleasure, antagonism and love. Food is ingested for basic sustenance only, so their dietary supplements are extremely bland. TNG "Liaisons" 7-154

Lyssarian Desert Larvae; A small lifeform whose skin secretes a viral suppressant. One of the animals kept by Phlox in his sickbay pharmacopia. Phlox was aware of its ability to replicate another lifeform. In an otherwise proscribed procedure he created an alternate Trip Tucker to repair the damage to Trip’s brain. The resulting symbiote lived at an accelerated rate for a lifespan of around 15 days. ENT "Similitude" 3-65


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