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M'klexa; Alpha Quadrant species. Another warp-capable species that visited the Valakians without offering them the technology for warp drive. ENT "Dear Doctor"

M113 creature - Last of its kind - Sharon Gimpel
M-113 Creature;
(left) Planet: M-113. The last member of a vaguely humanoid species now referred to as the "salt vampire" It needed salt to survive and was willing to kill to get it. The creature is dead and the species now extinct. TOS "The Man Trap" 1-1

Mirasta Yale - Malcorian scientist who first invented the warp drive - Carolyn SeymourBerel - Malcorian in charge of the medical facility - George HearnMalcorians; (right) Planet: Malcor III. Physically like humans but with mitten-like hands and feet with suction cup fingertips replacing fingers. They also have a cranial lobe with an upper set of olfactory nasal openings. There are other internal differences. The Malcorians were just beginning to have warp techniolgy when Picard and Deanna Troi met with one of their scientists. She wanted the Federation and all that it meant for her planet but the chancellor decided to wait for more education before starting with outside contact. He asked that they not be contacted again. TNG "First Contact" 4-89

Controller Emck - captain of Malon vessel carrying radioactive waste to the void - Ken MageeMalon; Relatively little is known about the Malon; there has been no formal contact with the Malon government as such, merely a series of accidental encounters with their ships. Since these encounters have occurred over thirty thousand light years apart, it is possible that Malon territory extends across these kinds of distances - making their space far larger than the Federation. However, the Malon are known to have access to at least one stable "spatial vortex" - apparently a form of wormhole. It is possible that they have access to others which allow them to cross large distances, or even that are able to build such phenomena themselves. At this point in time we simply do not know.
At least some aspects of Malon technology produce large amounts of Theta radiation, and the Malon dispose of this by dumping it in unpopulated areas of space. The amounts involved are such that this has caused significant levels of pollution, endangering several species. It is the freighters involved in this operation that the U.S.S. Voyager has encountered. On their first meeting in early 2375, Voyager offered the Malon technology which would eliminate their Theta radiation problems. Unfortunately the Malon still appear to operate a profit based economy; since the waste dumping business would be totally destroyed by such technology, the Malon crews have been less than receptive to this idea. Several weeks later a Malon freighter attempted to steal an advanced probe belonging to Voyager, prompting the Starfleet crew to build the Delta Flyer to retrieve the probe first.
Later in the same year, Voyager encountered an abandoned freighter and recovered two crew members from nearby escape pods. This encounter allowed the crew to learn much more about the Malon. The freighters can carry enormous amounts of the toxins, over twelve trillion isotons on a single vessel. Should such a ship be destroyed it would devastate everything within three light years of the explosion. Their freighter crews generally suffer serious cell damage from their exposure to the Theta radiation, which they call 'freighter blight'. The Malon use analeptic compound injections to counter the freighter blight, but while the treatment keeps them alive it does not prevent skin scarring.
A crew member will typically work six months of the year on a Malon freighter; the exposure so received is expected to cut his life in half. The core laborers who work closest to the waste receive the greatest dosage; less than one third are expected to survive any given trip, but they make more money in two months of working than most Malon earn in a lifetime. Occasionally the radiation causes core laborers to experience mutations, and the Malon have many stories of 'monsters' which attack crew members or damage ships. Voyagers crew encountered one such individual on board the abandoned freighter and were forced to kill him in order to prevent the ship from being sabotaged. VOY "Night" 5-95

Mari; A race of telepathic beings, who have forbidden violent thoughts as well as actions. VOY "Random Thoughts" 4-78

Marijnians; Walter Granger - Leader of the Mariposan clones - Jon de VriesOrigin: In low orbit around Marijne VII. Living in subspace these are a sentient species. They appear to be only tiny chemical flames. Due to an accident several of these beings became trapped in a ship and needed to communicate with humans. Geordi was in communication with a probe in the ill-fated ship and the Marijnians contacted him by appearing to the probe as Geordi’s mother. She was aboard the ship as it descended into the gas giant. Geordi was certain that it was his mother and insisted that they must rescue her, but ultimately it was not possible. TNG "Interface" 7-155

Mariposans; (right) A race of scientists that were from a colony ship that crashed leaving only five survivors. All the people in the colony are clones of these five. They had long ago quit trying to survive with sexual reproduction due to the small gene pool. They were reunited with the Bringloidi who were originally their shipmates on the ill-fated ship just in time because they were dying of replicative fading. TNG "Up The Long Ladder" 2-44

Asoth - Markalian who complained about the food at Quark's - Bo ZengaMarkalians; (left) Humanoid race who often frequent DS9. In appearance they are “distinguished by a bald head, no visible earlobes, and small stubby spikes about the face.” Two of the Markalians that frequented DS9 were smugglers. DS9 "Hippocratic Oath" 4-76

Mathenites-61A; An unseen neutral race who agreed to provide asylum to Legate Ghemor after his rescue with Major Kira. DS9 "Second Skin" 3-51

Mazar; Alpha Quadrant planet and the homeworld of the Mazarites. In 2152, the Enterprise NX-01 was ordered to pick up Vulcan ambassador V'Lar on Mazar. V'Lar was on a mission to expose corrupt government officials, but when her plan was exposed, the Enterprise found itself being chased by Mazarite ships. ENT "Fallen Hero" 1-23Medusan Ambassador Kollos

Medusan; (left) Highly intelligent non-corporeal life forms with highly ordered minds. Members of the Federation, they cannot be viewed by humanoids because optical and electromagnetic patterns emitted by their physiology causes violent psychosis in humanoid neuro-physiology. Some races such as Vulcans can view them with special protective optic visors. As long as they are kept in special shielded containers, they can coexist with humanoids. They are highly skilled navigators and programmers. TOS "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" 3-60

Melkotian - appeared to Kirk explaining the death penalty - Abraham Sofaer as Melkotian voice

Melkotian; (left) Powerful non-humanoid race from the Melkot system. Preferring to remain secluded, their homeworld is surrounded by a series of warning buoys. Intruders are subjected to an elaborate telepathic execution involving illusion from the victims' own memory. Diplomatic relations were opened in 2268 and the Melkotians have since become full members of the Federation, but generally prefer seclusion. On Melkot there are only a few humanoid cities for outsiders. Melkotians appear as large brains covered by vital organs with two eyes in the front and short tentacles hanging from the bottom. They move and communicate with Psi abilities. TOS "Spectre of the Gun" 3-61

Menk; Mudd Android - Alice series - Rhae and Alyce AndreceHumanoid species indigenous to the planet Valakis where they are not the dominant species. The Valakians are technologically advanced and the Menk are primatives. The Menk are subservient to the Valakians who are suffering from a disease that was ravaging them. The Menk were in the evolutionary awakening and were destined to take over the dominant position on the planet. ENT "Dear Doctor" 1-14

Mudd Android; (right) Sentient humanoid androids originally from Andromeda. They settled on a class K world around 150 years ago. They gained their name from Harcourt Mudd, the 23rd century con man who found them. With around 10,000 members, the androids generally stay on their homeworld where they operate a subspace relay station and resort community. Several dozen androids travel the galaxy at large learning about our civilization for the entire community. It was with the precedent of the Mudd Androids that the Soong-Type Androids were considered true sentient androids. TOS "I, Mudd" 2-37

Melthusians; The otherwise unspecified race of Captain Bela Tyken, who first discovered and escaped from the energy-draining spatial anomaly named for him. TNG "Night Terrors" 4-91

Menthars; Planet: Orelious IX. An ancient extinct species that all died in a war with the Promellians, another extinct species. They are thought to be very good tacticians in war and several war strategies are credited to them. The entire race died out over a thousand years ago. The Enterprise was caught for a while in one of the traps set for the Promellians by the Menthars. TNG "Booby Trap" 3-54

Seltin - Elder or Leader of corporial Meridian - Christine HealyMeridian; (left) Class-M planet located in the Trialus star system in the Gamma Quadrant. Meridian underwent dimensional shifts every 60 years, causing its inhabitants to phase between corporeal and noncorporeal states. In 2371 the U.S.S. Defiant's crew assisted the Meridian's search for an answer to their unstable world. It was discovered that their sun's core fusion was imbalanced and a building cascade reaction at the quantum level was triggering the dimensional shifts. The sun's reactions were stabilized, enabling the planet to exist for longerMetron - tells Kirk that we might grow up - Carole Shelyne periods in solid form. DS9 "Meridian" 3-54

Metron; (right) An extremely advanced humanoid species who intervene in Captain Kirk's battle with the Gorn on Stardate 3045.6. Being surprised at the mercy Kirk shows to the Gorn, the Metron indicates that in perhaps a thousand years, they will be ready to make contact with the Federation. TOS "Arena" 1-18

Mikulaks; Humanoid race with devotion to the biological sciences. While they have achieved advanced space flight only in the past few decades and lag centuries behind in some aspects of modern technology, Gem - Mute Minaran who saves McCoy and her entire civilization - Kathrine Hayestheir biotechnology is admirable. They have highly developed genetic and pathological technologies and are sometimes sought for their help in epidemiology. This technology stems from a viral plague that almost destroyed their race a century ago. Their space technology was delayed as all efforts were aimed at biological research. TNG "Hollow Pursuits" 3-69

Liko - Mintakan who encountered Picard - Ray WiseMinaran; (left) Individual whose nervous system is capable of absorbing the physical and emotional responses of another, permitting the empath to heal the injuries of others by transferring those injuries onto her or his own body. TOS "The Empath" 3-67

Mintakan; (right) Bronze age proto-Vulcan humanoids; natives of the planet Mintaka III. They were reported to be very peaceful and rational, Ah-Kel - Randy Ogelsbyliving in a matriarchal, agricultural society. A Federation anthropological field team, studying the Mintakans in 2366, accidentally exposed the Mintakans to advanced Federation technology. TNG "Who Watches the Watchers?" 3-52

Miradorn; (left) Reptilian humanoids from an unknown planet. Little is known about them except that they are born in telepathically linked twins that are considered to be two halves of one being. If one is injured or killed, the other will relentlessly seek vengeance for what he perceives as an assault against him. DS9 "Vortex" 1-12

Covar Tholl - Mizarian captured by aliens along with Picard and a Chalnoth - Stephen Markle

Mizarian; (right) Humanoids from Mizar II. With a gray wrinkled complexion and no body hair, they generally wear light gray or tan robes in public. With a firm belief in pacifism, they have been conquered six times in three hundred years. They have no political alignments and the Mizar system is generally considered to be neutral territory. TNG "Allegiance" 3-66

Augris - Third Magistrate of the oppressive regime known as the Mokra Order - Alan ScarfeMokra; (left) The Mokra Order rules the Alsaurain planet, with the Alsaurians treated as a subordinate class. The alien race claims to be "helping our Alsaurian neighbors defend themselves against common enemies." The Mokra have military control over the planet. VOY "Resistance" 2-28

Moneans; A race who lives on a planet covered with water. They live inside modules and engage in deep sea mining and fishing for food and oxygen. Tom Paris went with a Monean to try to fix the ancient computer that kept the oceans from disbursing into space. It was a violation of the prime directive because the government was against the mission. Paris was demoted to Ensign and put in the brig for 30 days. VOY "Thirty Days" 5-103

Morg - male of the species of Eymorg - James DarisMorg; (left) Term used for the male population on planet Sigma Draconis VI. The Morgs lived under virtual Stone Age conditions, controlled by the Eymorg women and their Controller. The Morgs and Eymorgs were reunited as a single society after the failure of the Controller in 2268. TOS "Spock's Brain" 3-56

Moropa; Violent humanoid race from system just outside the Bolarus system. Since their weapons technology is over a century behind the Federation, their dreams of conquest were destroyed immediately after entering space. They do have a longstanding hostility with the Bolians of the Bolarus system. The Moropa are generally average humanoids except for a blue tinted skin indicative of nickel-based blood. TNG "Allegiance" 3-66

Mugato - Janos ProhaskaMugato; Planet: Tyree's planet. An ape-like beast, carnivorous, with white fur, an upturned horn on the top of its head, and sharp and extremely venomous fangs. TOS "A Private Little War" 2-48

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