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Sirna Kolrami - stratigist hired to train the Enterprise crew - Roy BrocksmithZakdorn; (left) Humanoid race reputed to be formidable warriors and regarded for over 9000 years to be the greatest strategic minds in the galaxy. This reputation is so strong that it has not been tested in recent memory. While many Zakdorn find employment as strategists or planners, the resounding majority Rondon - Zaldan encountered by Wesley Crusher - Daniel Riordanserve in bureaucratic or minor political positions. Physically, the Zakdorn do not meet their reputation, they have pale blue/grey skin with many folds, and the majority of Zakdorns are obese and weak. This has not affected their reputation, however, and Zakdorn strategists are of great value. TNG "Peak Performance" 2-47

Zaldan; (right) Humanoid race characterized by webbed fingers and slightly amphibious features. Members of the Federation, they have found integration into the galactic society difficult. This is because they interpret normal courtesy as dishonesty and react with extreme irritation and occasional violence. Once this is taken into account, however, they are a friendly and helpful people. TNG "Coming of Age" 1-19

John Doe - couldn't remember his own name - Mark LamuraZalkonian; (right) Humanoid race from Zalkon in the Zeta Gelis Cluster, distinguished by multiple horizontal facial ridges. They have limited interstellar technology but advanced weapons technology on par with the Federation. In recent years some members of their species have exhibited painful isoelectric bursts as a precursor to a transition to a noncorporeal entity. They come from a repressive government that seeks to destroy all those who exhibit signs of this change. TNG "Transfigurations" 3-73

Abrom - Leader of Zeon rebellion - William WintersoleZeon; (left) Humanoid colonists from outermost world in the M43 Alpha system. Since their colony was founded several hundred years ago, their parent world of Ekos has come to consider the Zeon's as another race entirely. This was almost the end of the Zeon race in 2268 when a freak accident caused Ekos to mimic the 1930's Terran culture of Nazi Germany and pursued a campaign of genocide against the Zeons. Only Federation intervention stopped this potential mass murder. The Zeons are almost indistinguishable from Terrans. TOS "Patterns of Force" 2-50

Zetarians enveloped everyone at Memory AlphaZetarian; (right) Mysterious non corporeal life forms from Zetar near Klingon space. An unknown catastrophy on Zetar destroyed all corporeal life but separated out the intelligences of the dominant Zetarian humanoids. The surviving Zetarian entities have traveled space for millenia and may be completely immortal. They need no spacecraft and can travel up to 99.9% of the speed of light without assistance. All travelers should be warned that the Zetarians are seeking humanoid bodies to inhabit. When they find a physiologically compatible body they will take posession of it. The Zetarian presence can be removed by controlled decompression therapy. TOS "The Lights of Zetar" 3-73

Kivas Fajio - Zibalian trader and collecter - Saul RubinekZevians; Civilization. In 2374, Zevian authorities requested information on a smuggling ring from the security office at Deep Space 9. DS9 "His Way" 6-144

Zibalian; (left) Largely humanoid people from an unknown world in deep space. They have distinctive facial tattooing and some wear decorative metal ribbons on their face. Their best known achievement is the Stacius Trade Guild. A consortium of wealthy traders who deal in many highly lucrative products such as Dilithium or rare compounds like Hitritium. They are the chief competition to the Ferengi in many sectors. Zibalian traders are known for large collections of rare and valuable goods. TNG "The Most Toys" 3-70

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