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Riven - Female leader of the Edo - Brenda BakkeEdo; (right) Humanoids from Rubicun III. Very similar to Terrans. A strange mixture of hedonistic sexuality and puritanical respect for a draconian legal code. In the distant past, the Edo were a lawless and chaotic people, through time they developed a legal system where a small number of "mediators" patrol randomly selected "punishment zones" where any infraction, even if accidental, Picard stares at the transdimentional Edo Godresults in immediate execution without appeal. Since the "punishment zones" are randomly chosen and rapidly changing, the system is a powerful incentive to obey all laws. The Edo welcome visitors openly as long as they conform to their system of justice. The Edo may be a transplanted race since they are governed by a transdimensional craft that the Edo worship as their god. TNG "Justice" 1-8

Edo God; (left) May have transplanted the Edo race since they are governed by a transdimensional craft that the Edo worship as their god. TNG "Justice" 1-8

Septimus - elderly leader of the "Children of the Son" on planet IV of star 892 - Ian Wolfe

Eight ninety two, planet IV; (left) Human survivors of the survey vessel S.S. Beagle, created a Roman gladiator civilization where the Children of the Sun tried to teach peace. TOS "Bread and Circuses" 2-54

SS Major - Ekosian military officer who stopped Kirk and Spock - Gilbert GreenEkosian; (right) Humanoids from Ekos in the M43 Alpha system. The parent race of the Zeon race on the outermost world in their system. A colony launched over three centuries ago. In violation of the Prime Directive, an undercover Federation cultural specialist altered the Ekosian culture in 2268 to mimic the 1930's Terran culture of Nazi Germany. Dr. John Gill hoped to replicate the efficiency and order of the Nazi regime but without the hate and cruelty . The attempt failed. Only further Federation intervention stopped this potential mass murder. Ekosians are almost indistinguishable from Terrans. TOS "Patterns of Force" 2-50

Dr. Tolian Soran - El-Aurian pulled from the Nexus. He was willing to destroy several species in order to return to the Nexus - Malcolm McDowellGuinan - advises Picard on the Nexus - Whoopi GoldbergEl-Aurian; (left) Long living, ancient race from the Delta quadrant. Home system now forms part of Borg space, after they were assimilated in 2265. The Borg invasion caused the El-Aurian race to spread throughout the Galaxy, and many refugees found their way to Federation space. Physically similar to Humans, they are regarded as a race of 'listeners' with good communication skills. El-Aurians have also displayed the unexplained ability to be aware of possible distortions in time. They have a lifespan of several centuries, making El-Aurians appear very calm and wise. TNG several episodes, Star Trek Generations 7Generations

Elaan, Dohlman of Elas - sent by her planet to marry a Troian - France NuyenKryton -  Elaan's guard and a Klingon operative - Tony YoungElasean; (right) A humanoid race from the Tellun star system with a reputation for being vicious and arrogant. Concluded a long interplanetary war a century ago and have a since become Federation members. Their technology has come from primitive limited interplanetary travel during the war to moderate interstellar capability. Elasean males are often well over 2 meters tall and their females have a unique neurochemical drug in their tears that makes humanoid males obey their will. TOS "Elaan of Troyius" 3-68

Melora Pazlar - the first Starfleet officer from Elaysia - Daphne AshbrookElaysian; (left) Unique race of humanoids from Elaysia II. Elaysians are mostly humanoid with two bizarre exceptions. The very low gravity of their homeworld has caused an atmosphere that is more akin to pre-terraform Mars than of a class M world. This has created difficulty in there assimilation into the galactic culture, since no other humanoid race is as accustomed to low gravity as them. There physiology is very different also in that they require only .16% oxygen in a standard pressure environment, and the remainder of their energy comes from anaerobic reaction in their cells. Despite these unique biological differences, Elaysians eat the same food and look quite similar to us. They require the use of a limited motor support exoskeleton Unnamed Ellorian bridge crew on the Son'a ship - Rick Worthyfor living in a standard class M environment. They also cannot interbreed with other humanoid races because of these differences however. The Elaysians have been members of the Federation for almost a century however, but few travel offworld because of the difficulties entailed. DS9 "Melora" 2-26

Elloran; (right) Humanoid civilization. The Ellora were conquered early in the 24th century by the Son'a. By the late 24th century, the Ellora were integrated into Son'a society as a labor class. Elloran women were indentured as servants on Son'a spacecraft. MOV Insurrection 9

Golin Shel-La - leader of the Eniss - Jonathan BanksZlangco leader of the Nol-Ennis - Paul CollinsEnnis/ Nol-Ennis; (right) Jareth - head of the Enaran faction who elimanated the Regressives from the Enaran civilization - Bruce DavisonDifferent factions of the same species that fought each other until they were banished to a prison moon. On the moon no one can die. Commander Sisko and his crew were stuck there for a while but managed to escape. They left Kia Opaka there to help settle the fighting. DS9 "Battle Lines" 1-13

Enaran; (left) Technologically sophisticated Delta Quadrant civilization that lived on Enara Prime and on a colony in the Fima system. In the mid-24th century, the Enaran government systematically exterminated the minority ethnic group called the Regressives. In later years, knowledge of this holocaust was kept from younger Enarans, until it had virtually disappeared from memory. VOY "Remember" 3-48

Entabans; Delta Quadrant civilization. The Entaban governmetn was territorial, intolerant of ships entering their space. VOY "Vis Vis" 4-88
Unnamed Judiciary official of the Entharan government - Adrian Sparks

Entharian; (left) Spacefaring civilization in the Delta Quadrant. The Entharian economy relies heavily on trade with neighboring cultures. In 2373, Entharian arms dealer Kovin was falsely accused of assaulting Seven of Nine, a crewmember aboard the Federation Starship Voyager. VOY "Retrospect" 4-85

Emergency Medical Hologram; Robert Picardo DS9 "Doctor Bashir, I Presume?" 5-114, VOY "Caretaker, Part I" 1-1

Anan 7 - leader of the Eminiarians who wanted to continue with a war that had lasted for over 500 years - David OpatoshuEminiarian; (right) Anan 7 was his planet's military commander in the war between Eminiar and Vendikar. The Federation starship Enterprise was warned to stay away but ignored the warning. The ship was declared a casualty and it was Anan 7 whose task it was to enforce the declaration and have all personnel put to death. Captain Kirk refused to surrender his ship and destroyed the computers that conducted the war forcing the combatants to consider peace talks to avoid a real war. TOS "A Taste of Armageddon" 1-23

empathic metamorph; A rare type of genetically mutated individual in the Kriosian and Valtese species. TNG "The Perfect Mate" 5-121

Eska; Captain Archer and the Enterprise NX-01 crew encountered this species of hunters on the "rogue" planet in 2151. For nine generations, Eska hunting parties have stalked and killed the indigenous life forms on this planet, which they call Dakala. Archer and his crew were able to put a stop to this by providing the hunted species with a masking agent. ENT "Rogue Planet" 1-18

Etanian Order; Delta Quadrant civilization of technologically sophisticated, imperialistic humanoids. The Etanian Order invaded other worlds by first creating what appeared to be a natural disaster such as an asteroid bombardment. Once the population hadExcalbian Yarnek - he put Kirk and company to the test - Janos Prohaska, voice of Bart LaRue evacuated their homeworld the Etanians would arrive in numbers and stake a claim. VOY "Rise" 3-61

Regent Cuzar - Evoran diplomat to the Federation - Peggy MileyEvoran; (left) Technologically advanced civilization. The Evora achieved interstellar travel capability in 2374 and were invited to become a Federation protectorate . Evora prefer a vegetarian diet. MOV Insurrection 9

Excalbian; (right) These rock-based, intelligent entities possess ethics and values dramatically different from those of many humanoid species. They are intensely curious about other life-forms and have captured such forms, to observe their behavior in dramatic situations. They were shape-shifters and used their ability to alter their molecular form to remake themselves into characters to support such dramas. TOS "The Savage Curtain" 3-77

an exocomp preparing to go to workExocomps; (right) An experimental robotic appliance invented by Dr. Farallon to perform engineering functions in hazardous situations. Equipped with microreplicators, they made whatever tool that was needed. They were also equipped with artificial intelligence and became sentient. Data discovered their sentience.Kara - Leader of the Eymorg who was able to use the teacher - Marj Dusay TNG "The Quality of Life" 6-135

Exo III; A barely habitable planet, once home of  technically advanced humanoid civilization. Exo III's inhabitants moved underground, eventually, they were destroyed by the androids they had built. TOS "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" 1-7

Eymorg; (left) Female inhabitants of planet Sigma Draconis VI who lived beneath the surface in the remnants of a highly advanced culture. The male population, called the Morgs, lived above ground in primitive conditions in a wintery environment, existing only to mate with the women, calling them the 'givers of pain and delight.' The Eymorgs were forced to return to the surface to live with the Morgs when they were unable to find a humanoid brain to serve as their controller. TOS "Spock's Brain" 3-56

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