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Galadorans; A ship claiming to be Galadoran, stopped at Deep Space Nine to pick up the captured Gul Dukat. He was captured by the Maquis. This was not discovered until it became clear that no Galadoran ship was in the local sector. DS9 "The Maquis, Part I" 2-40

Galipotan; Humanoids from the Gali system. Their culture refuses to acknowledge the concept of time and is considered hard to deal with by time based civilizations. The Galipotans are best known for their burgeoning textile trade, which is almost all they can do without encountering culture conflicts. They are quite similar to Terrans except with enlarged eyes and a small nose. DS9 "The Wire" 2-42

Gallamite; Transparent skulled humanoid race with giant brains from deep space. Their grotesque appearance has lead them into more solitary pursuits such as philosophy, programming or cargo shipping. Because of their very high intelligence, some Gallamites have found work as scientists or strategists, but their unique physiology makes assimilation into society difficult. One native was Captain Boday, a onetime lover of Science Officer Dax's. DS9 "The Maquis, Part I" 2-40

Chairman Songi - leader of the Gamelan V planet - Kim HamiltonGamelan V; (right) Class-M planet. Gamelan V experienced a dramatic increase in atmospheric radiation in 2367. The incident was found to be the result of an unidentified space vehicle that had entered the orbit of the planet. The ship, apparently adrift for at least three centuries, was caring large amounts of dangerous radioactive waste that was leaking into Gamelan V's upper atmosphere. The Enterprise-D responded to Gamelan chairman Songi's distress call, and was successful in towing the waste barge into the Gamelan sun. TNG "Final Mission" 4-83

Akuta - Leader of the feeders of Vaal - Keith AndesGamma Trianguli VI; (P); (left) Idyllic Class-M planet with a tropical climate. The atmosphere of Gamma Trianguli VI has no harmful bacteria and it even completely screens out any negative effects from the sun. The humanoid inhabitants of the planet worshipped a sophisticated computer they called Vaal, which provided for the people by controlling the planet's weather. Individuals on this planet had a life expectancy of approximately ten thousand years. The need for procreation was thus eliminated (or at least greatly postponed), Making the concept of children an unknown. All this changed in 2267 when Vaal was destroyed by the Starship Enterprise, forcing the inhabitants of Gamma Trianguli VI to resume a more normal society. Star Trek. "The Apple" 2-34

Gemarian; Humanoid race from Gemaris V. With minimal interstellar technology, the bulk of their space travel involves trade with the Dachlyds only 3 light years away. Gemaris V is a barely habitable world with vast deserts and high surface temperatures. On Gemaris V is Gem Alloys, a leading producer of Duranium alloys. This is their leading export, which is resold by the Dachlyds to the rest of the galaxy. Since the Gemarians have little interest in interacting with the galactic community, they usually do not mind being taken advantage of as such. TNG "Captain's Holiday" 3-67

Aron Conor - Leader of the Genome Colony - John SnyderGenome Colony; (right)A remote Earth colony on planet Moab IV. All the inhabitants of the colony were genetically engineered to be a perfect part of the community. The colony was contained within a biosphere that maintained a hospitable environment on a very undesirable planet. TNG "The Masterpiece Society" 5-113

Odona - Daughter of leader Hodin - Sharon AckerThe Gideonites exist crowded together

Gideonite; (left) Humanoid race from Delta Dorado II in the Mutara Sector. Gideon had centuries ago managed to cure virtually all of the diseases on their planet and extend there lives. This lead to the most unprecedented overpopulation in history, with lifespans of over 300 years and a social taboo against birth control. By 2268 500 Billion humanoids living on a single class M world. This ended when the planet's ruling counsel obtained a sample of Vegan Chloriomeningits in that year, which they had no immunity to. Gideonites willingly became infected to ease the population burden. Within 10 years of initial infection only 9 billion inhabitants remained. The population stabilized at this level. The survivors of the plague joined the Federation in 2289. Their advanced medical technology has allowed for the cures to many diseases including the common cold, but many exotic viruses and bacteria are beyond their ability. TOS "The Mark of Gideon" 3-71

Gomtuu at Beta Stromgren

Gomtuu; (right) An ancient, spaceborne organism, the last of a species of living spacecraft that shared symbiotic relationships with their crews. Gomtuu's crew died when radiation from an explosion penetrated its skin. Gomtuu was a social being, and with no fellow creatures remaining and with no crew to care for, it became lonely. Wandering aimlessly for millennia, Gomtuu finally decided to die at Beta Stromgren. First contact specialist Tam Elbrun, Sent to establish relations with Gomtuu (code-named Tin Man by Starfleet), Found the living spaceship to be a kindred spirit, and the two new friends went off into the unknown together. TNG "Tin Man" 3-68

Captain of the Gorn vessel - Gary Coombs and Bobby Clark
Gorn; (left) Reptilian semi-humanoids from Tau Lacertae III in the Mutara Sector. The Gorn have their own political alliance and claim 8 star systems throughout three sectors. A peace treaty was signed in 2267 allowing rights of free passage through Gorn space and ensuring peace. Before this, Gorn raiders attacked Federation ships or colonies that were too close to their borders. The Gorn are usually over 2 meters tall with rough leathery skin and a hard multifaceted shell over their eyes. The Gorn have large claws on their hands and feet, they are unable to speak most humanoid languages and require translators to communicate with most other lifeforms. Star Trek. "Arena" 1-18

Federation President Jaresh-Inyo - Herschel Sparber

Grazerite; (right) Humanoid species. Prominent Grazerites have included Federation President Jaresh-Inyo. Grazerites evolved from herbivorous herd animals and as such abhor violence and confrontations. They require very little sleep. DS9 "Homefront" 4-83

Grizzelas; Burly bear-like semi-humanoids from Garasa III. These relatively primitive people have an advanced society based on equality and fairness, but their technology is barely above the bronze age level. They are in communication with the rest of the galaxy because their world is in Klingon space and not under the influence of the Prime Directive. Since a year on their world is equal to 2.3 Standard Years, their natural winter hibernation takes six standard months, this causes the total shutdown of The Guardian of Forever - voice of Bart LaRueGrisella society. Both hemispheres hibernate at once because of an axial tilt of less than 1 degree causing planetwide uniform seasonal changes. TNG "The Ensigns of Command" 3-50

Guardian of Forever; (left) Time portal created by an unknown civilization on a distant planet at least five billion years ago. The Guardian resembled a large, rough hewn torus about three meters in diameter. It was a sentient device, able to respond to questions, although the sophistication of its programming was so great that it was difficult for humans to understand it. It was discovered in 2267 by Federation personnel investigating time distortion waves in the area. The origin and purpose of the Guardian remains a total mystery, but the Guardian described itself as its own beginning and its own end. TOS "The City On The Edge Of Forever", TAS "Yesteryear" 1-2

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