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Dachlyd; Humanoid race from Dathis II. The Dachlyds are reptilian humanoids resembling upright Terran iguanas. With moderate interstellar technology, the bulk of their space travel involves refining and reselling products from Gemaris V. Dachlyd's have a habit of being quite antisocial and prefer to conduct most trade with automated cargo drones and subspace communications. Since the Dachlyds sell valuable alloys and compounds at low prices, they still make a significant profit. TNG "Captain's Holiday" 3-67

Salia - with Wesley Crusher - Jaime HubbardDauphin Salia reverts to her natural form to beam down to her home planet.

Daledian; (right) A race of shape-shifters. One of these alasamorphs accompanied the female in a Royal wedding that ended the hostilities between the two races on an always-light world in 2365.  TNG "The Dauphin" 2-36

Daliwakan; Humanoid life-form. A holographic character of a gigolo who frequented Chez Sandrine in a Tom Paris holodeck simulation was half-human and half-Daliwakan. VOY "The Cloud" 1-6

Dal'Rok; Cloudlike energy creature that threatened a Bajoran village for five nights every year. The village was saved each time by the Sirah, who would tell heroic tales of the village people, repelling the evil entity. In actual fact, the Dal'Rok was an illusion created from the fears of the villagers by the Sirah, who used a common enemy that would unite the people of the village. DS9 "The Storyteller" 1-14

Daran V; Inhabited planet. Daran V had a population of 3.7 million and was directly in the path of the Fabrini spaceship Yonada in 2268. Assistance by Starfleet diverted Yonada from its collision course, sparing the inhabitants of both worlds. TOS "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky" 3-63

A representative throne from the D'Arsay libraryD'Arsay; (left) Ancient humanoid civilization. Little is known about the D'Arsay, except that they flourished nearly a hundred million years ago, and that they had both spaceflight capability and a culture rich in mythology. The fate of the D'Arsay is unknown. TNG "Masks" 7-169

Delbian assistant to Admiral Satie, Nellen Tore - served Picard with a summons - Ann SheaDebrune; Long dead civilization that had a settlement on planet Barradas III. The planet is now uninhabited. A Federation archaeological survey has studied the planet and has cataloged numerous ruins on the surface. TNG "Gambit, Part 1" 7-156

Delbian; (left) From Delb II. Tall, with eyebrow creasing. A Delbian was an assistant to Admiral Norah Satie during the trials of members of the Enterprise crew including Captain Picard. TNG "The Drumhead" 4-95

Delios VII; Planet that was the home to the Karis Tribe. VOY "Sacred Ground" 3-49
Lt. Ilia - A Deltan former lover of Captain Decker - Persis KhambattaDeltan; (right) Humanoid race from Delta IV. Members of the Federation for over a century. Deltan's have characteristically little body hair, especially a bald head. Deltans have an inherent talent for mathematics and geometry. The Deltan race has a very highly developed sexuality and some form of sexual expression is inherent in most aspects of Deltan culture. Deltans are the one known humanoid race in which pheromones play a major role. Deltan pheromones cause powerful sexual stimulation in almost all humanoid species. Deltans have limited telepathic abilities. Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1

Demon Planet Crew; The entire crew and ship were made from the mercury-like substance that covered the Demon planet. After Voyager departed, the planet created it's own Voyager and crew. VOY "Demon" 4-92

Denebian; A race of humanoids from Deneb V. The Denebians purchased all rights to a Vulcan fuel synthesizer from confidence man Harry Mudd. When they contacted the Vulcans they found the sale was a ruse. When Mudd was arrested he was given several colorful choices of execution, none of which appealed to Mudd. TOS "I, Mudd" 2-37

Denevan neural parasite; Origin unknown. an irregularly shaped gelatinous life-form analogous in structure to an oversized brain cell. The entire population of these parasites were somehow linked together to form a collective intelligence. TOS "Operation--Annihilate!" 1-29

Denobulans; Humanoid species. The Enterprise’s Dr. Phlox is Denobulan. The Denobulans hail from the system Denobula Triaxa. Denobulans require only 6 days of sleep per year although Phlox claims that he can get by with only 2 days sleep. In Denobulan society plural marriage is the norm. Phlox has 3 wives who each have other husbands. ENT "Broken Bow" 1-1

Geordi detects the Devidians but they are not clear enouph to distinguish featuresDevidians; (left) Intelligent life-forms native to planet Devidia II. The Devidians exist in a slightly different time continuum from 'normal' matter, and thus were only barely detectable to an observer in 'normal' time. The Devidians thrived on neural energy that they stole from dying life-forms. TNG "Time's Arrow, Part 1" 5-126

Devore; A formidable Delta Quadrant race who have outlawed telepathic races from their space. VOY "Counterpoint" 5-104

The Dikironium creature could not be injured by phaser fireDikironium cloud creature; (right) Gaseous entity that could change its molecular form, was capable of traveling across interstellar space, and could be recognized by a characteristic sickly-sweet smell. The cloud creature fed on the red blood cells of humanoid life-forms and was able to camouflage itself by momentarily throwing itself out of time sync permitting it to be two places at once. TOS "Obsession" 2-42

Distortion ring being; A non-corporeal life-form that was a sentient spatial phenomenon capable of literally changing the shape of space. In 2372, the U.S.S. Voyager encountered a distortion ring being in the Delta Quadrant. In an attempt at communication, the anomaly immobilized the ship, disrupted communications and computer control, and caused the ship's physical arrangement to change. Only after the distortion wave had passed did the crew realize that the phenomenon was a sentient, intelligent being. During its encounter with Voyager, the distortion ring being deposited some twenty million gigaquads of information into the starship's computer memory banks. VOY "Twisted" 2-22

Dokkarans; In 2368 the orphan, Timothy tried to build a temple from the harmonious Dokkaran society. Data was helping but Timothy was impatient. TNG "Hero Worship" 5-111

The planet killerDolbargi; Grand Negus Zek was taught a death-simulation technique by Maihar’du, his manservant. The technique was taught to Maihar’du by the Dolbargi. Not many species can learn the technique. DS9 "The Nagus" 1-11

Doomsday machine; (right) Automated spacegoing weapon from outside our galaxy. Several kilometers in length, with a hull composed of pure neutronium.  It smashed planet into rubble with an antiproton weapon, and used the matter as fuel. TOS "The Doomsday Machine" 2-35

Doosodarians; Ancient civilization. Doosodarian art included and unusual form of poetry that contained empty spaces, or lacunae, during which the poet and audience were encouraged to acknowledge the emptiness of the experience. TNG "Interface" 7-156

Gorta - a Dopterian accomplice to the Duras sisters - Colin Mitchell

Dopterian; (left) Semi-Humanoid race from somewhere in Ferengi space. They appear as short humanoids with skin tones ranging from dull yellow to dark brown. They have a cranial ridge extending from the lower rear base of the skull and extending up through the upper rear part of the skull. Dopterians are distant relatives of the Ferengi, theory holds that Inglatu and his assistant Zyree - Dosi who negotiate with Quark and Pel - Brian Thompson and Emilia CrowFerengi proto-humanoids were transplanted to the Dopterian homeworld. Dopterians have no telepathic abilities and cannot be scanned because of their four lobed brains, a similarity to their Ferengi cousins. TNG "Firstborn" 7-173

Dosi; (right) Humaniod civilization from the Gamma Quadrant. The Ferengi attempted to deal with the Dosi in 2370. It is believed that the Dosi have ties to the Dominion. DS9 "Rules of Acquisition" 2-27

Douwd; (left) A little-known civilization of sentient energy beings capable of assuming the appearance of other life-forms. Possessing awesome powers of creation and destruction, the Douwd consider themselves to be immortal beings of disguises and false surroundings. Their natural appearance is unknown. Kevin Uxbridge - Douwd who fell in love with a human woman - John AndersonTNG "The Survivors" 3-51

Drakian Forest dwellers; Drakians have paranormal abilities. There is no record of what they look like. Neelix mentioned the great syrup they make with tree sap. VOY "Time and Again" 1-4

First Prelate Alcia - pleased with Lt. Tuvok's care of the children - Marnie McPhailTressa - last surviving member of the Drayan elderly - Tiffany Taubman

Drayan; (left) Civilization of technologically advanced humanoids from the planet Drayan II in the Delta Quadrant. The Drayan life cycle was the reverse of that of many other humanoid species. Drayans are born in an adult state and proceed to grow smaller and more innocent as they get older. Very old Drayans appear as small children. About three generations ago, the culture on Drayan II underwent a reformation in which they shifted their focus away from technology. During this time they also adopted an isolationist attitude toward outside cultures. VOY "Innocence" 2-38

Unnamed member of the species who tried to trick the Voyager crew into a section of space where they would never wake up, instead living a shared dream - Mark ColsonDream species. (right) Telepathic humanoid civilization in the Delta Quadrant. These people lived in a cave and their consciousness existed only in a dream state. For centuries, the dream species had suffered attacks from a variety of outsiders they referred to as the waking species. In order to protect themselves, the dream species took refuge in underground caverns. They established an artificial neurogenic field surrounding their planet, causing intruders from any waking species to fall asleep. Once in the realm of sleep, the dream species could deal with such intruders on their own terms. VOY "Waking Moments" 4-81

Sarjenka - views Drema IV on the bridge's main viewer  - Nikki CoxDrellians; Race whose natives refer to the devil as 'Torak.' TNG "Devil's Due" 4-87

Dremans; (left) Fourth planet in the Benev Selec system in the Selcundi Drema sector, home to a humanoid civilization. Drema IV possesses the largest deposits of dilithium ore ever recorded. This ore is laid down in unusually aligned lattices that converted the planet's geologic heat into mechanical stress, thus resulting in significant tectonic instabilities that nearly destroyed the planet. While the Prime Directive prohibited contact with the inhabitants, humanitarian considerations demanded a means of assistance. The geological instabilities were neutralized by the use of resonator probes launched from orbit. TNG "Pen Pals" 2-41


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