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Pah-wraiths; Energy-based life-forms that lived in th Bajoran wormhole. Long ago, the Pah-wraiths were banished by the Prophets to the fire caves on planet Bajor and forbidden to return. In 2373, a Pah-wraith tried to use Keiko O'Brien in an elaborate attempt to kill the Prophets with a beam of chroniton particals. Fortunately, the Pah-wraith was driven form Keiko and the wormhole aliens remained unharmed. DS9 "The Assignment" 5-103

Pakled Captain Grebnedlog - Christopher Collins Reginoid - Leslie MorrisCoutu - Philip LeStrange

Pakled; (left) A deceptively intelligent humanoid race. Characteristically heavyset, these humanoids maintain a profitable cargo shipping consortium along the Federation/Cardassian border. They have an obsession with advanced technology they did not develop. Pakled ships usually have stolen or copied Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, and Federation technology. Because of this they often find trouble with governmental shipping contracts, preferring to stay to grey-market or low budget shipping. Their simple, slow speech conceals their highly cunning and ambitious nature. TNG "Samaritan Snare" 2-43

Paraagans; This species started as a small mining operation and grew to a complete colony with schools and a museum. Captain Archer and the Enterprise were going to visit the colony when the planet’s atmosphere exploded, killing all life on the planet. Enterprise was blamed saying it was the shuttle that ignited the tetrazine in the atmosphere. Initially the Enterprise’s mission was cancelled but Captain Archer discovered that the Suliban were responsible for the killing of the Paraagan colony. Their mission was allowed to continue. ENT "Shockwave, Part I" 1-26

Paradan; (right) Coutu, Leader in the rebel faction on planet Parada II in 2370. Coutu discovered a Paradan government plot to sabotage peace talks with the rebels using an exact replica of Miles O'Brien. Coutu was responsible for rescuing the real O'Brien from government forces. DS9 "Whispers" 2-34

Mother Parasite that invaded Lt. Cmdr. Dexter Remmick - Robert SchenkkanParasite invaders; The Federation never discovered the name of the invaders that tried to take over Starfleet and the Academy. They were a crustacean-like species. They entered the bodies of top ranking officers and tried to trap Captain Picard but Riker discovered the deception and went to warn Picard in time to stop the invasion. All the officers that were taken over recovered. TNG "Conspiracy" 1-25

Pacsen took over the body of Counselor Troi - Marina SertisPaxans; Origin: Paxan space. A species of energy beings that were adamant about their privacy and didn’t want any other species to know of their location. Their technology was superior to the Federation’s. When the Enterprise entered their space they were able to enter the ship through the shields and enter Deanna Troi, taking over her body to communicate with Data. When Picard took the ship through the Paxan’s wormhole trap, all the people on the ship were knocked unconscious. All except Data and he was able to finally convince the Paxans that he would keep their secret and they let the Enterprise go on its way. TNG "Clues" 4-88

Kalin Trose - representitive for the beta moon - William NewmanPeliar Zel; (left) System with two inhabited satellites orbiting planet Peliar Zel. The population of Beta Moon suffered detrimental environmental effects when Alpha Moon used Peliar Zel's magnetic field a s a power source. Star Trek: TNG "The Host" 4-97

Peljenites; Commander Sisko convinced the Peljenites to exchange ambassadors with the United Federation of planets. They have warp technology and were just recently known to the Federation. DS9 "Family Business" 3-69

Petrarian; Kasidy Yates was working for a race known for skinping on maintenance. She explained the reason for her transport being an outdated 15-year-old transport. This happened on the day she and Sisko met for the first time. DS9 "Family Business" 3-69

Photonic being attacks the Doctor - Robert PicardoPhotonic beings; (right) Noncorporeal, sentient life-form discovered in the corona of a protostar. Two of these beings were unknowingly brought aboard the Voyager while the crew was gathering energy from a newly forming star. One of the beings took over the holodeck in a Beowolf scenario and took over three crewmen before the doctor was able to defeat the creature. It seemed the creature was just trying to communicate. VOY "Heroes and Demons" 1-12

Apollo - Last of the Greek gods - Michael Forest

Pollux IV; (left) Planet settled by the extraterrestrial entities known to the ancient Greeks from Terra as Gods. Star Trek "Who Mourns for Adonis" 2-31

Parmen - leader of the Plutonians - Liam SullivanAlexander - a dwarf in a society of giants - Michael DunnPlutonians; (right) Humanoid originally from the Sahndara system, who patterned their society after the teachings of ancient Earth philosopher Plato. When their star exploded 38 survivors fled their doomed system settleing briefly on Earth. When the Greek culture faded, the Plutonians moved to another planet where theyacidentally developed powerful psychokinetic powers from ingesting native food. TOS "Plato's Stepchildren" 3-65

Pralor; Technologically sophisticated Delta Quadrant civilization that became extinct in a war with the Cravic people. The Pralor created sophisticated humanoid androids to fight their war with the Cravic. Later the entire Pralor society was destroyed when they attempted to deactivate these robotic soldiers. VOY "Prototype" 2-29

Galek Sar - captain of Promellian ship caught in a Menthar trap - Albert HallPromellian; (right) Technologically sophisticated reptilian culture that fought to its extinction a millennium ago in a war against the Menthars civilization. Promellian technology, although relatively crude by Federation standards, remains as an example of elegant simplicity in design. TNG "Booby Trap" 3-54

Prophets; (Wormhole aliens) Origin: Bajoran wormhole. According to Bajoran religious doctrines, the prophets are the spiritual protectors and guides to the Bajoran peoples. These are energy beings that do not live linear lifetimes. They are aware of all times at once. They know the future as well as the past and have no past or future of their own. Through Bajoran history, alien objects called “orbs” have made their way to Bajor. Each of the nine total represent an important aspect of the Bajoran belief system. DS9 "Emissary, Part I" 1-1

Prytt; (left) One of two nation-states that control planet Kesprytt III. The Prytt comprised one-quarter of the population of the planet. During a Federation investigation of the planet in 2370, Enterprise-D personnel reported the Prytt to be reclusive almost to the point of xenophobia. The Prytt did not even possess a communication network capable of contacting anyone outside their territory. TNG "Attached" 7-160

Pygorians; A race known to Quark, including an arms merchant that Quark introduced to the Maquis. DS9 "The Maquis, Part I" 2-40

Pythrons; Planet Pythron V. Known to have warp technology. DS9 "Rivals" 2-31

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