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High Priestess Natira - head of the Fabrini civilization on Yonada - Kate Woodville

Fabrini; (left) Humanoids from the Fabrina star system in deep space. When their star went nova 10,000 years ago they built a gigantic ark called Yonada out of an asteroid to convey some of their people to a new system. First contact was in 2268 to correct a guidance problem with Yonada that placed a Federation system in danger. The Fabrini survivors arrived at their new world in late 2269. After becoming established on their new world, they petitioned for Federation membership and have since become contributing members of the Federation. Somewhat primitive in most sciences, the Fabrini have made advances in computers, to the point of true artificial intelligence, as well as advanced medical sciences. TOS "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky" 3-63

Farpoint creature; (right) The Bandi had captured a spaceborn creature with its natural energy supply and forced it to become a station and produce products for sale at the station. When Picard discovered the truth the Enterprise crew fed the creature and set it free. TNG "Encounter at Farpoint, Part II" 1-2

Fek'Ihr; A people or culture conquered by Kahless en route to founding the Empire with his first bat'leth, apparently a native faction in the pre-spaceflight era. DS9 "The Sword Of Kahless" 4-81

Quark - Ferengi who is owner of the bar on the prominade of Deep Space Nine - Armin ShimmermanFerengi; (right) Ferengi are slight for humanoid races, rarely passing 5 feet in stature. Primary facial features are their ridged nose, razor-sharp fangs, and highly sensitive ears, but their main deviation from ordinary humanoid physiology is the four-lobed design of the brain, whose unusual patterns prevent telepaths such as the Betazoids from reading their mind.
Ears The other uniquely Ferengi characteristic is the large ears that are receptive to touch. Their homeworld of Ferenginar has a thin atmosphere, and in time the Ferengi ears grew larger to better receive sound waves. The lobes are receptive to touch, and fondling them, termed oo-mox, is pleasurable to most males. The ears also have fine hairs on them, which with age grows to be lengthy and even shaggy. Hearing is undoubtedly the finest tuned sense of a Ferengi, and the ears unmistakably symbolize their innate "Ferenginess". One who has the "lobes" for something is marked out as gifted.
Eating habits Ferengi delight in worms and various insects, preferably alive and squirming. Their small and sharp teeth make them efficient eaters. When young Ferengi need to sharpen dull teeth they use latinum tooth-sharpeners or chew-sticks.
Society The Ferengi society is the culmination of the worst of capitalism and chauvinism combined. Though reasonably advanced in technology, they live for the accumulation of profit alone, whatever the means of acquiring it. Their whole race lives by the proclamations declared by the provisions inside The Ferengi Rules Ferengi languageof Acquisition, a compilation of the proven methods to earning profit. After all, ROA no. 18 puts it: A Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all. Never mind leaving all the rest to lie in the gutter when you're through stepping on them, ROA no.212 states quite explicitly: Employees are the rungs on the ladder to success. Don't hesitate to step on them. In fact quite a few of the Rules of Acquisition endorses such disregard for sentiment or compassion when it comes to making profit. As ROA No. 21 warns: Never place friendship above Ferengi symbolprofit.
Capitalism aside, Ferengi are a sexist society to the core. The Ferengi male views his female as property not to be shared nor exposed to the public. Females are not allowed an article clothing, earning of profit, traveling, looking or speaking to strangers, or even quoting from the sacred Rules of Acquisition. Another demeaning practice females are subjected to is chewing food for the males. This inbred sexism is sanctioned in rule no.94: Females and finances don't mix and no.139: Wives serve, brothers inherit. Even so, a Ferengi regards his mother with affection, often taking comfort in laying his head in her lap and defending her honor against the taunts of mean-spirited playmates.
Small nuclear families consisting of the father, mother, and children makes up the family structure of Ferengi society. Grandparents and cousins do not live within the same household. The father figure is the sole bread-earner, so his position is supreme in the house. Quark the Deep Space Nine bartender has an exceptionally unique mother. Ferengi marriages are male-oriented, with a string of Latinum Dances, Bridal Auctions, and of course the scantily clad bride to mark the event.

The total enslavement of the female population seems to come quite natural to the males, and they even attribute their family harmony to such a culture. However, affirmative action seems to have come into vogue even on Ferenginar. Grand Nagus Zek revised the Ferengi Bill of Opportunities to include female Ferengi. Understandably, Ferengi culture is still adapting to the sweeping winds of change.
In government, the Ferengi are as openly corrupt as they are in daily life. The Tower of Commerce on Ferenginar, tallest building within the Ferengi Alliance, is the bastion of profit-taking and scheming. Going up the tower in an elevator will cost seven slips of latinum. Talking to the front desk will mean another slip. Standing, sitting, coming, going, the Tower absolutely swallows latinum with unparalleled voracity. Housed within the Tower of Commerce is the headquarters of the Ferengi Commerce Association (FCA), the most powerful single organization within the Alliance. It is the terror of the land, as is has jurisdiction over every aspect of a Ferengi's profit and property. Every Ferengi must submit a yearly statement listing all the profits earned that year. Most Ferengi conveniently "forget" to put a few items on the list, and that is where the Ferengi IRS personnel come in. Registered Liquidators are sent in to investigate charges of misreported profits, and if evidence is found, or the bribe insufficient, all the property and holdings will be summarily liquidated. DS9 All

Flaxians; Planet: Flaxia. The humanoid space-faring species of Retaya, the assassin who bombed Garak's tailor shop. DS9 "Improbable Cause" 3-66

Balok - Captain of First Federation ship Fesarius - Clint HowardFirst Federation; (left) Balok was commander of the First Federation flagship Fesarius. Balok conducted his people's first contact with the United Federation of Planets in 2266. In an effort to ascertain the sincerity of Federation offers of friendship, Balok staged an incident in which he first threatened the Enterprise then later claimed his ship had suffered severe damage. TOS "The Corbomite Maneuver" 1-10

Unnamed Leader of the Founders - appeared as a female to lure Odo - Solome JensOdo - changing to a liquid state - Rene  AuberjonoisFounders; (right)The Founders, or Changelings, are skilled shapeshifters who are viscous liquid in their original form. They have the specialized ability to change their biomolecular structure to mimic anything, as they can manipulate mass as well as shape. The only compromising aspect of this skill is the inability to hold a shape over 16 hours. Changelings must revert to their liquid state or endure a painful "decomposition". They neither need food nor rest, and even in liquid state maintain a level of alert consciousness.
In addition to their shape shifting abilities, Founders are capable of merging with each other when in their liquid state. They call this process 'the Great Link', and it allows the Founders to achieve a considerable degree of information and memory sharing while increasing their ability to modify their own internal structure. On the Founders home world many millions of individuals spend virtually their entire time within the great link, which is comparable to an ocean in size.
Founder SymbolSociety The Founders live reclusively in the Gamma Quadrant, spending their leisure shaping themselves into various forms in their gardens, deriving an understanding of the world from different perspectives. There is no hierarchy of power within their society: no single Changeling is superior to others except inherent differences in skill and knowledge. Equality and peace reigns within the Founders society. They take pride in having never inflicted harm upon one of their own, however much damage they wrought offworld.

In their history the Founders have often been persecuted by non-shapeshifters, whom they refer to as 'the solids'. In order to guarantee their safety they created the Dominion - a grouping of many solid species under the control of the Founders. The Founders have resorted to genetic engineering in order to modify several of these species to increase their utility to the Dominion - most notably the Vorta and Jem'Hadar. Although individual planets within the Dominion are treated reasonably well, disobedience to the Founders is dealt with extremely harshly - it has been known for entire planets to be infected with deadly diseases for rebelling against Dominion rule. DS9 All.

Frunalain; Semi-humanoid race from somewhere in Cardassian space. Nobody has actually seen a Frunalain outside of their distinctive environmental suits. Frunalain are most often seen in their trade convoys, consisting of three or four small, fast ships. Almost nothing is known about their physiology, culture, or history. Their technology is around 100 years behind Federation standards. DS9 "Emissary, Part 1" 1-1

Fuurinkazan; Civilian advisor, Kyle Riker, worked out the battle strategies that targeted this race. TNG "The Icarus Factor" 2-40

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