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Iadara; A federation colony of humans that exists only in another reality that was visited by mistake by Lieutenant Worf in 2370. TNG "Parallels" 7-163

An Iconian Gate found and later destroyed by Jem'HadarData tries to operate an Iconian GatewayIconian; (left) Home of a technologically advanced civilization destroyed some 200,000 years ago, Iconia was discovered by Federation science in 2375 located in the Romulan neutral zone. The Iconians were extremely advanced in computer sciences and had sophisticated dimensional transport systems that allowed instantaneous movement across interstellar distances without the use of starships. The Iconians, referred to in ancient texts as 'Demons of Air and Darkness' were all believed destroyed by orbital bombardment that devastated the surface of their planet. It has been speculated that the Iconians did not all perish in the attacks, but rather used their gateway technology to escape to other nearby planets. The similarity between the Iconian language and Dewan, Iccobar, and Dinasian has been cited as evidence to support this theory. Dubbed by history as conquerors, their use of a highly advanced galactic-wide transporter allowed their empire to flourish; at least one outpost was in the Gamma Quadrant. TNG "Contagion" 2-37, DS9 "To the Death" 4-95

Idanians; Humanoid civilization. Idanians are sometimes characterized as a secretive people. DS9 "A Simple Investigation" 5-115

Ilari; Technologically sophisticated humanoid civilization in the Delta Quadrant. VOY "Warlord" 3-52

Ilidarians; Technologically sophisticated civilization from the planet Ilidaria in the Delta Quadrant. The planet was located less than three light-years from a type-4 quantum singularity. VOY "Parallax" 1-3

Inheritors; see Sky Spirits. VOY "Tattoo" 2-25

Invernians; Planet: Invernia II. Humanoid species, Federation by treaty, possibly members. A native girl died while a young Doctor Bashir and his father were trapped in a remote area. A common native herb could have saved her. DS9 "Melora" 2-26

Isabella - imaginary friend come to life - Shay AstarIsabella; (left) One of the children on the Enterprise-D had an invisible playmate and when the ship passed a curious non-corporeal being it took the place of the invisible friend and hurt people to protect the little girl. TNG "Imaginary Friend" 5-122
Bela Oxmyx - Leader of a gang on planet Sigma Iotia II - Anthony Caruso

Iotian; (right) A humanoid race almost indistinguishable from Terrans. From Sigma Iotia II, they are very intelligent and have a habit of imitating anything they see from outsiders. This has caused a unique Iotian society. Originally it was based on Terran 1930's Chicago after a textbook on the period was left during an early Federation exploration mission. 100 years later another expedition caused a quantum leap ahead in technology and culture as the Iotian people mimicked the Federation Starfleet circa 2268. They have maintained this highly unique culture to this day and have become Federation members. The living museums of both time periods is a leading tourist attraction. TOS "A Piece of the Action" 2-46

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