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Dr. Ma'Bor Jetrel - Haakonian scientist who developed the metreon cascade that destroyed the population of Rinax - James Sloyan

Haakonian; (right) Humanoid civilization native to the Delta Quadrant. The Haakonians fought a war with the Talaxians for the better part of a decade. The war ended in 2356. Talex surrendered unconditionally to the Haakonian Order after the Haakonians deployed the metreon cascade (developed by Dr. Jetrel) on the moon Rinax. VOY "Jetrel" 1-15

Fenna - Halanan psychoprojective alter ego of Nidell Seyetik - Salli Elise Richardson

Halanan; (left) Psychoprojective telepathic humanoids from New Halana. The original Halanan homeworld was destroyed when a large asteroidal moon crashed into the crust and triggered massive seismic disruptions. These disruptions obliterated all continents and landforms on Halana. Halana was a member of the Federation and helped the Halanan's terraform a new homeworld. New Halana was declared habitable 90 years later. Halanan culture is based on loyalty and it is famous that Halanans mate for life. Halanans appear as brown skinned humanoids with elongated and curved ears and have a very slight ridge on the nose. Halanans unique psychoprojective abilities allow them to create images up to two cubic meters in size. They are solid but read as pure energy, like holograms. DS9 "Second Sight" 2-29

Lt. Aquiel Uhnari - Haliian Starfleet lieutenant - Renee Jones

Haliian; (right) Partially telepathic humanoid race from Halii on the outskirts of the Federation. Haliians are humanoid with light brown skin and a slight lateral ridge on the forehead. Haliian telepathy is limited to person to person empathy under most conditions. Use of special resonator crystals found on Halii can amplify the abilities of a Haliian for a short time, to the level of interpersonal telepathy. Haliians have been members of the Federation since 2351. Haliian culture is mostly agrarian with only a few major cities. TNG "Aquiel" 6-139

Tharn - Halkan representitive who negotiated with Captain Kirk - Vic PerrinHalkan; (left) Peaceful humanoid race from a world deep inside the Federation. The Halkan's have never had a war in over 10000 years of recorded history, and have a crime rate that is less than 1 illegal act of any kind per decade. The population of Halka is less than two thousand and this small community is part of their peace. Halkans have repeatedly refused any attempts at trade agreements or mining rights to their vast Dilithium deposits for fear that their products or resources could be used for war. They have no interest in modern technology or other worlds and prefer to keep to themselves. They discourage tourism but they are friendly and helpful to visitors in need. Halkans are a nondescript humanoid race very similar to Terrans. TOS "Mirror, Mirror" 2-33
Dr. Serova - claimed that ships using warp speed were destroying her area of space - Margaret Reed

Hazari; VOY "Think Tank" 5-114

Hekaran; (right) Civilization near the Hekaras Corridor, a region of space, approximately 12 light-years long. The Corridor was commonly used for interstellar travel. Much of the surrounding areas are saturated with unusually high intense tetryon fields, so the Hekaras Corridor provided the only means of safe passage for starships. In 2366, two Hekaran scientists, submitted a preliminary report to the Federation Science Council, theorizing that the Hekaras Corridor was stressed by warp fields and would soon develop a rupture. They further theorized that if warp drive usage continued at its present rate, the ruptures would spread through inhabited space. Serova caused a warp core breach aboard her ship, causing a subspace rupture in the corridor. Thereafter the Federation Council ordered the corridor limited to essential travel only. TNG "Force of Nature" 7-161

Tyree - leader of the hill people on primative planet designated as Tyree's planet - Michael KovackNona - Tyree's woman - Nancy Kovack

Hill People; (left) Tribe of hunter-gatherers on Tyree's planet living in huts and caves. When the U.S.S. Farragut visited the planet in 2254, the hill people were peaceful and hospitable. But when the Enterprise visited again, in 2267, they found the hill people facing their neighbors, the villagers, as enemies. Both the villagers and hill people were colonists from Earth. Villagers from Asiatic areas and the hill people from European stock. TOS "A Private Little War" 2-48

Alpha Hirogen - tried to capture the crew of Voyager - Tiny RonHirogen; (right) The Hirogen are an extremely aggressive race from the Delta Quadrant. They can reach the height of over 9 feet and their physical strength is many times greater than that of a human. The Hirogen are easily identified by their body armor, it allows them to survive in the most hostile environments.
A powerful Nomadic species occupying the Delta Quadrant, the Hirogen are very predatory race. They travel in small ships carrying only two or three persons, seeking out other life forms in order to hunt them. They are obsessed with gathering trophies - usually in the form of body parts or stolen technology - in order to demonstrate their hunting prowess to other Hirogens. Although technologically advanced, they have been forced to disperse themselves over a huge area in order to find new prey for their hunts. This has put considerable strain on the Hirogen culture, and their society is now seriously deteriorating.
Technologically advanced, the Hirogen have shown themselves capable of defeating an injured member of Species 8472. They were encountered by the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager in 2374, when the ship accessed a Hirogen controlled communications array in order to transmit its EMH to the Beta quadrant. A Hirogen hunting vessel subsequently captured Lieutenant Commander Tuvok and Seven of Nine. Voyager was able to free the two crewmembers, and was also able to use the array to receive over a hundred messages from Starfleet command. VOY "Message in a Bottle" 4-82

Mother Horta - showing Kirk and Spock her eggs - Janos Prohaska

Horta; (left) Non humanoid silicon based lifeform from Janus VI. Horta are silicon based 'blobs' that live underground. They move through the rocks using powerful acids secreted from their glands. Horta can only be contacted telepathically. The Horta have no artificial technology but their powerful burrowing abilities have aided mining operations on Janus VI. Horta are quite friendly and have joined the Federation, but do appreciate visitors not visit several chambers they keep for personal use. TOS "Devil in the Dark" 1-25

Humanoid - projection of a message to the species generated by her planet's seeding - Salome Jens

Humaniod; (right) Intelligent bipedal life-forms, generally mammalian, commonly found on many Class-M planets. Humans, Vulcans, Klingons, Cardassians, and Romulans are among the many humanoid species known throughout the galaxy. Despite the vast distances separating these planets, many humanoid species have been found to share a remarkable commonality in form and genetic coding. These similarities were believed to be evidence of a common ancestry, a humanoid species that lived in our galaxy some four billion years ago. This species apparently seeded the oceans of many class-M planets with genetic material, from which a number of humanoid forms eventually evolved. TNG "The Chase" 6-146

Unnamed hunter who captured Tosk at Deep Space Nine - Gerrit Graham

Hunters of Tosk; (left) Humanoids from Tosk's planet in the Gamma Quadrant who engage in an elaborate sport that involved hunting a live, intelligent, humanoid prey. In 2369 a group of Hunters traced their Tosk to station Deep Space 9 and demanded his return. They explained to Sisko that in their culture the Tosk are bred, raised and trained for the sole purpose of being hunted. They appeared to be reptiloid like the Tosk but with hair and a smoother face below the forehead. The Hunters breed and raise Tosk as a noble creature with but one purpose in life: to be hunted for sport. Ironically, the Hunters seemed much more dependent upon their high-tech weapons and body armor than the Tosk they have bred, who appeared to be endlessly resourceful. DS9 "Captive Pursuit" 1-6

Maihar'du - Hupyrian valet to Grand Negus Zed - Tiny RonHupyrian; (right) Tall race of quiet humanoids from somewhere in Ferengi space. Hupyrians live mainly as servants to rich or prominent businessmen and politicians, particularly Ferengi. Their devotion to their masters is legendary, and they are willing to die to protect them. Hupyrians have been servants of the Ferengi since very early in Hupyrian history, thus they have no native modern technology. Hupyrians are very tall humanoids with tight skin, a continuously slightly frowning expression and a very weak voice that leads many to believe that they are mute. Instead they only talk when absolutely necessary. DS9 "The Nagus" 1-11

Hur'q; Klingonese word for "outsider," and the term used for a race which conquered and pillaged the Klingon homeworld Qo'noS. They also apparently knew of the Bajoran wormhole and its uses; they took the Sword of Kahless about 1,000 years ago to their Gamma Quadrant homeworld. DS9 "The Sword Of Kahless" 4-81

Husnock; An extinct civilization described as having exhibited extremely violent and destructive behavior. A Husnock ship attacked and destroyed the colony at Delta Rana IV in 2366. In retribution, the only survivor of the colony, a Douwd, destroyed the entire Husnock race. TNG "The Survivors" 3-51

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