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Master Computer - took over planet after the caretaker died - voice of George TakeiYoung Aquans make their records available to the Federation - voices of Majel Barret and James DoohanAmusement Park Planet; (left) A planet in the Omicron Delta region. The only humanoid on the planet was the caretaker. After his death the main computer took over and the planet became dangerous. TOS "Shore Leave" 1-15, TAS "Once Upon a Planet" 1-9

Aquans; (left) Water breathing aliens from the planet Argo. A very old civilization, much of their former knowledge has been lost. TAS "The Ambergris Element" 1-13

Karla 5 - Arret native from an alternate universe - voice of Nichelle NicholsLt. Arex - unspecified alien with 3 arms and 3 legs - voice of James Doohan

Arex; (right) Unspecified race. Navagator of the Enterprise. Arex had three arms and legs.TAS "One of Our Planets is Missing" 1-3

Arret; (right) Planet in an alternate antimatter universe where time runs backward. The Enterprise, trying to rescue a ship from entering the Beta Niobe nova, is dragged into the nova and into the antimatter universe. TAS "The Counter Clock Incident" 2-22

Capellan Power Cat attacking KukulkanCloud creature - intelligent entity from another galaxy - voice of Majel BarrettCapellan Power Cat; (left) A ferocious, but now peaceful feline species. The Power cats produce an electric charge in order to stun their prey. TAS "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth" 2-21

Cosmic Cloud; (left) An enormous, intelligent creature from another galaxy. Before it could envelope and brake-up an inhabited planet, Spock mind-melded with it to convince it to leave the Milky Way galaxy. TAS "One of Our Planets is Missing" 1-3

Delta Theta III; (left) Planet populated by preindustrial aborigines being watched over by another Abroginal natives of Delta Theta IIIDelta Theta III entity - voice of Nichelle Nicholsentity who calls the natives her "children' TAS "Bem" 1-18

Demos - the Dramian head of security - voice of Lou SheimerDramian; (right) Natives of planet Dramia I, Most of the population of Dramia I have been wiped out by a plague for which the Dramians blame Dr. McCoy. They are an intelligent species with a swift system of justice. TAS "Albatross" 1-20

Glommer; Creature created by the Klingons to consume tribbles. TAS "More Tribbles, More Troubles" 1-5

Guardian of Forever; (left) Time portal created by an unknown civilization on a distant planet at least five billion years ago. Guardian of Forever - voice of James DoohanLara - hunter hired by the Vedalan to find the 'Sole of Skorr' The Guardian resembled a large, rough hewn torus about three meters in diameter. It was a sentient device, able to respond to questions, although the sophistication of its programming was so great that it was difficult for humans to understand it. It was discovered in 2267 by Federation personnel investigating time distortion waves in the area. The origin and purpose of the Guardian remains a total mystery, but the Guardian described itself as its own beginning and its own end. TOS "The City On The Edge Of Forever", TAS "Yesteryear" 1-2

Humanoid; (left) Unspecifed alien woman from a warrior species. TAS "The Jihid" 1-16

Kukulkan - unspecified species was once a god to the ancien Mayan and Aztec on Terra - voice of James DoohanEm/3/Green - insectile alien hired to pick locks - David Gerroldinsectile alien; (right) Little is known about this species. The Enterprise crew met one on the Vedala astroid. He/it was a master lockpick.TAS. "The Jihid" 1-16

Kukulkan; (right) A very long-lived benevolent entity who wants the humans to worship him just as the Mayans and Aztecs did.

Kzinti flyer - James DoohanLactran family at the zooKzinti; (left) The Kzinti, feline humanoids, once controlled the entire empire but now are bound to keeping peace. However, many Kzinti still take part in raiding Federation shipping and seek Slaver weapons to regain control of their empire.

Lactrans;  (left) A group of 20-foot slugs with intelligence capacities far beyond those of humans and even Vulcans. TAS "Eye of the Beholder" 1-15

Lucien - helped Kirk and Spock after they were all aquitted of bringing evil to Megas-Tu - voice of James Doohanmalignant alien - voice of James Doohanmalignant alien; (right) Evil entity who inhabited Questar M-17 and took control of the Enterprise.TAS "Beyond the Farthest Star" 1-1

Megans; (right) A magical species from another dimention. The Enterprise was pulled into the center of the galaxy and encountered the Megans from Megas-Tu. Kirk and Spock were put on trial along with a Megan named Luciens, accused of bringing evil to Megas-Tu. Lt. M'Ress - unspecified feline alien  - voice of Majel BarrettOrion Commander - Orion pirate who stole the Enterprise's cargo of dylithiam crystals and strobolin - voice of James DoohanTAS "The Magicks of Megas-Tu" 1-8

M'Ress; (left) Individual from an unspecfied species. The feline Relief Communications Officer of the Enterprise. TAS "The Survivor", 1-6

Orion; (left) Males of the same species as the Orion animal women. TAS "Pirates of Orion" 2-17

Agmar - representitive of the Phylosians - voice of James DoohanCommander Ari bn Bem - Pandronian Ambassador - James Doohan Pandronian; (right) Species from Planet Pandro whoare able to separated their body parts which then can operate independent of all the other parts. TAS "Bem" 2-18

Phylosian; (left) Plantlike beings encountered on planet Phylos. The Phylosians capture Spock so he can be cloned. TAS "The Infinate Vulcan" 1-7

Pod ship commander - destroyed his ship in order to rid themsefves of the maglignant alien - voice of James DoohanSord - a powerful reptalian - voice of James DoohanPod ship commander; (left) Commander of a ship encountered by Enterprise at Questar M-17. The pod aliens had destroyed their own ship trying to rid themselves of the malignant alien who had taken control. TAS "Beyond the Farthest Star" 1-1

reptilian alien; (left) One of the team gathered by the Vedalans to find the 'soal of Skorr' a religious object that has dissappeared. TAS "The Jihid" 1-16

I'Chaya - Spock's pet SehlatRock monsters from planet MotherlodeRock Creatures; (right) From planet Motherlode. TAS "Mudd's Passion" 1-11

Sehlat; (right) A bear-like animal kept as pets on Vulcan. TAS "Yesteryear" 1-2

Tchar - the hereditary prince of the Skorr - voice of James DoohanThe Kzinti had a photo of a slaverSkorr; (left) Flying bird-like aliens. Were once great warriors but the race has become docile. TAS "The Jihid" 1-16

Slaver; (left) Long extinct species that used stasis boxes to keep valuables including Slaver Weapons. The Slaver boxes can detect eachother. TAS "Slaver Weapon" 1-14

Taurean;Mendent of Terratin - voice of James DoohanTheela - spokeswoman for the siren women on Taurus II - voice of Majel Barrett (right) Beautiful, golden skinned women. The siren women captured Kirk, McCoy and Spock. When Uhura sends an all-female landing pary, the Taureans explain that they fled from a dying planet only to arrive on Taurus II where they encountered a life-draining force. The women developed a biological resistance to the force, effective only if they replenish their own life-force every 27 years. TAS "The Lorelei Signal" 1-4

Terratin; (right) Mutated descendants of a missing scientific expedition on a volcanic planet orbiting Cepheus. TAS "The Terratin Incident" 1-12

Time Trap dimension aliens; (left) In a region of space-time Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are trapped along with ships from all over the galaxy. The inhabitants call it Elysia and are from races all over the Milky Way who have also been trapped. TAS "The Time Trap" 1-12

Ursinoid miners - angry with Mudd because the potion he is selling is a fake - voice of James DoohanVedala - hired the group to find the  'Sole of Skorr'- voice of Majel BarrettUrsinoid; (right) Humanoid, dog-like species encounterd by the Enterprise crew on planet Vendorian - posed as Carter Winston - voice of Ted KnightMotherload. The Ursinoids were part of the mining colony. TAS "Mudd's Passion" 1-10

Vedalan; (right) A feline race from the Vedala system asteroid. TAS. "The Jihid" 1-16

Vendorian; (left) A shape shifting alien who impersonated Dr. Carter Winston. TAS. "The Survivor" 1-6

Zoo animals; (below) Several species of unidentified animals from around the galaxy that were trapped by Kukulkan inside his 'life-room.' TAS "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth" 2-21

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