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Tanis - One of Suspiria's Ocampan followers - Gary GrahamOcampa; The Ocampa are natives of the Delta Quadrant; they where first encountered by the U.S.S. Voyager after that ship was dragged into the region by the entity known to the Ocampa as 'The Caretaker'. Ocampa are humanoid, tending to average approximately 165 cm tall. After birth they mature very rapidly, reaching adulthood within months. By the end of their fourth or fifth year Ocampan females enter the Elogium, when they become fertile for the only time during their lives. During the Elogium a mitral sac forms on the females back ready to house the embryo, and the ipasaphor appears on the palms of their hands. By their seventh year Ocampa are entering old age; they generally live to eight or nine, although some Ocampa living under unusual environmental conditions have been known to reach fourteen years of age.
At the time of their encounter with the crew of Voyager, most of the Ocampa species had lived in an underground city for the last thousand years. Here, sheltered from the harsh conditions on the surface, the Ocampa lived a life of ease under the guidance of the Caretaker. Although this culture was remarkably stable and peaceful, many of the younger citizens yearned to penetrate to the surface to explore. One such Ocampa, Kes, did in fact manage this only to be captured and enslaved by the Kazon. When the Caretaker died he had stocked the energy reserves of the Ocampa city with sufficient energy to sustain it for five years; after this time they will have to fend for themselves once more.
Although Ocampa have formidable PSI powers, the city dwellers had long ago allowed these abilities to fade through lack of use until they had become all but a myth. However, once Kes had the chance to experiment on board Voyager she began to develop telepathy, telekinesis, precognition and pyrokinesis. Other Ocampa encountered by Voyager had developed these abilities to a tremendous degree, although their powers may have been externally enhanced by the alien being known as Sisperia.
Unfortunately, it seems likely that nothing will ever be known of the fate of the Ocampa. With their home city due to run out of energy in 2376 it is probable that the Kazon will overrun the Ocampa and enslave or destroy them. On the other hand, many societies have demonstrated considerable resilience when faced with a threat to their freedom, and it is possible that in the long run the loss of their dependance on the Caretaker will prove to be a very positive factor in the development of the Ocampa. VOY "Cold Fire" 2-26

Onaya - Noncorporeal life-form inspired Jake Sisko to write the first draft of Anslem - Meg FosterOnaya; (left) Non-corporeal life-form who lived on neural energy from the act of creativity in humanoid minds. Onaya stimulated her victims' brain's production of neurotransmitters, intensifying creativity, but shortening their lives. Onaya appeared as a humanoid female at station Deep Space 9 in 2372, where she inspired Jake Sisko to write the first draft of his novel. Anslem. DS9 "The Muse" 4-93

Cloud Willaim - Omegan of the Yang savages - Roy JensenWu - Omegan from the Kohm village dweller - Lloyd KinoOoolans; Inhabitants of Marejaretus VI who give thanks during a meal by eating until two large, continuously struck stones are broken. TNG "Manhunt" 2-45

Omegan; (right) Humanoid race virtually identical to Terrans. While regarded as a separate people, the Omegans are actually the descendants of two separate deep space expeditions launched by two separate nation/states of Terra in the late 21st century. China and the United States had sent a colony ship into the same sector without the knowledge of the other. Both settled on one of the few Class M worlds in the sector, Omega IV. Unfortunately their technology and equipment was destroyed in the landing and subsequent conflicts, as the two nation-states were at war at the time. The resultant people were affected by an unusual biological weapon, it did not work as planned and instead multiples the lifespan of the subject by 5 to 10 times. The final result was two primitive warring clans with centuries long life spans. TOS "Omega Glory" 2-52

Ophidian employed by the Devidians to open subspace portalsOphidian; Origin: Devidia. Intelligent snake-like creature native to Devidia. It has the same shape shifting abilities as the natives who use it to travel through a time portal to San Francisco of the 1800s. TNG "Time's Arrow, Part I" 5-126

Ayelborne - spokesman for the Organians - Jon AbbottActual appearance of OrganiansOrganian; (right) Powerful Non-Corporeal life forms from Organia IV near the Klingon-Federation Border. The Organians were humanoid once several hundred thousand years ago, but they evolved into near omnipotent beings. They maintain a guise of a primitive, peaceful, agrarian people for the benefit of visitors and were considered to be just as they appeared until they made their existence known in 2267. They displayed just how powerful they could be collectively by disarming a Federation starship and a small Klingon invasion fleet. They imposed a treaty between the Federation and the Klingon Empire because they detest violence and their world is along the border and along a strategic corridor. The treaty they imposed established the neutral zone. They predicted the Federation-Klingon détente by at least 40 years. The Organians are responsible for the Organian Peace Treaty in 2267, which is responsible for peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire until the two allied many years later. TOS "Errand of Mercy" 1-26

Vina - when she appeared as an Orion Animal Woman - Susan Oliver

Orion; (left) Green skinned humanoid race from Rigel VII. Renowned merchants and members of the Federation, they maintained a black market in female slaves until a crackdown in the 2270's. The Orion black market was also known for Dilithium crystals and rare minerals raided from the Coridan system. This was stopped with Coridan's admission to the Federation in 2267. The Orion black market ceased to exist around 2280 with Federation interruption of all their goods. The Orions are also known for the Issik, a common currency that originated on Rigel VII. The fact that humanoid life could not arise anywhere in the Rigel system, the common belief is that the Orion race as we know it is a lost colony of another people, who terraformed Rigel VII and transplanted some animal and plant life. Orions were reported to have transported half the population of a village on BRINDA V to work as slave labor in mining camps, another example of a space-faring race -- like Cardassians -- who have relied on manual labor T'Jon - Ornaran ship captain - Merritt Butrickrather than technology for tasks considered menial. TOS "The Cage" pilot

Ornaran; (left) A humanoid race from Delos III. Almost identical to Terrans except for a extra cartridge bridge on the nose and the unique ability to provide a limited electrical discharge from the hands, while produced at great strain to the Ornaran, it can incapacitate the unwary. After two centuries of addiction to the narcotic Felicuim, they lost almost all technological ability. Upon the failure of the last Felicuim supply freighter in 2364, the entire planet has entered a painful detox process. TNG "Symbiosis" 1-22

Korob - form presented to Kirk, Spock and McCoy - Theo MarcuseSylvia - form presented to Kirk, Spock and McCoy - Antoinette BowerOrnithoids, extragalactic; Actual appearance of Korob and Sylvia(right) Tiny beings only inches tall, human-type emotions are unknown to the ornithoids but they are capable of matter manipulation with a replication/transporter technology which is used to assume different forms on higher-gravity worlds. TOS "Catspaw" 2-36

Oxygenes; Origin: unspecified. Not much is known about them but they were known to Curzon Dax. He knew of a couple including an Oxygene married to a Lothra who needed a breathing apparatus to be in an Oxygen atmosphere, which is breathed by Oxygenes. They could only spend 40 minutes a day together and were married for 57 years. DS9 "Melora" 2-26

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