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Dr Timicin - Scientist nearing the age of 60 - David Ogden Stiers

Kadi; Residents of the monastic Kadi colony. VOY "Someone To Watch Over Me" 5-116

Kaelonian; (left) A humanoid race from Kaelon II. Their star is an ancient one and slowly dying. Without some artificial enhancement, the star Kaelon will go nova in around 200 years. They are distinguished by their crimson forehead stripes. Kaelon technology is somewhat primitive with only limited interstellar ability. Kaelon fusion technology is without equal, however, since they have spent over 200 years researching a way to rejuvenate their sun. Kaelon society is marked by the ceremony of the Resolution, where all who reach the age of 60 commit ritual suicide so that they do not become a burden to others. Their are no exceptions under any circumstance and Kaelon has lost many of it's best minds to this ritual. This leaves the irony that the most sacred ritual in their society may eventually be the death of it. TNG "Half a Life" 4+96

Losira - Last survivor of Kalandan outpost - Lee MeriwetherKalandans; (right) Technologically-Sophisticated humanoid civilization. People who created an outpost on an artificial planetoid some ten thousand years ago. During the construction of the planet, a deadly microorganism was accidentally created, killing all the Kalandans at the outpost. The last survivor, a woman named Losira, set the station's automated defense systems to protect the station for the day when more Kalandans would arrive at the outpost. TOS "That Which Survives" 3-72

Kaleans; An unfriendly group of this race was on Rochani III at the same time as Sisko and Curzon Dax. There was a confrontation between the two groups. DS9 "Dramatis Personae" 1-18

Kantare; Alpha Quadrant species. The Enterprise NX-01 discovered a derelict Kantare ship and its remaining crew on an otherwise uninhabited planet in 2151. The Kantare crew had survived on this planet for over two decades after their ship crash-landed. Later, Captain Archer and his crew learned that the ship's engineer, Ezral, had in fact manufactured holograms of most of the Kantare crewmembers - the only survivors of the shipwreck were Ezral and his daughter Liana. ENT "Oasis" 1-20

Kanarians; A race that has done extensive work on Artificial Intelligence. When Geordi was kidnapped by the Romulans they made him believe that he was at a conference on Risa in Kanarian seminars. TNG "The Mind's Eye" 4-98
Hanok - Karemman dealing with Quark - James Cromwell

Karemma; (left) Humanoid civilization in the Gamma Quadrant, part of the Dominion. The Karemma Commerce Ministry used Ferengi as intermediaries in their commerce with the Federation, because they knew the Dominion would never tolerate direct trade between the Karemma and the Federation. The Karemma were naive when it came to business dealings, and the Ferengi took advantage of them for a while. In 2372, Minister Hanok met with the staff of station Deep Space 9 to discuss Karemma complaints with Ferengi trade practices. Hanok also helped the crew of the Starship Defiant deal with a Jem'Hadar attack. DS9 "Rules of Acquisition" 2-27

Meirbor - Kataanian Daughter of Kamen, aka Picard - Jennifer NashKataan; (right) Star located in the Silarian Sector. Kataan had six planets, one of which was a Class-M planet inhabited by a primitive humanoid culture. The sun went nova in Earth's 14th century, eradicating all life in the system. Just before the star went nova, a small unmanned spacecraft was launched. The probe represented the Kataan people's attempt to preserve something of themselves by sending memories of their people into space. The probe encountered the Enterprise-D in 2368, and transmitted those memories to Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who, in the span of a few minutes, experienced a lifetime in the Kataan village Ressik, as an ironweaver named Kamin. Also carried aboard the probe was a single artifact, a Russikan flute that had belonged to Kamin. TNG "The Inner Light" 5-125

Kazleti; Bolian Crewman Chell once visited the Kazleti homeworld and learned their artcraft. Chell was one of the former Maquis on Voyager. VOY "Learning Curve" 1-16

Jal Cullah - First Maje of Kason Nistrom - Kazon; The Kazon are the first group of aliens encountered by the U.S.S. Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. They are an aggressive, humanoid race of space faring plunderers who have become one of the leading powers in the region.Kason symbol
They are a race of warriors, split into many sects. Each sect is headed by a Maje. The number of sects changes `almost every day'. It is mentioned that there are 18 sects in total. The Kazon gained independence about 26 years ago.
Water is a highly priced commodity here and the Kazon will do everything to take possession of any they find. Since they encountered the U.S.S. Voyager they are very interested in the transporter and replicator technology.
The Kazon Sects: The Kazon civilization is divided up into approximately eighteen sects (18 as of "Initiations"), but this number continually changes because of the violent power struggles which take place between the various sects. For the same reason, the volume of space under each sect's jurisdiction also alters. Each sect also has a First Maje, which is similar to a Captain.
Kason languageKnown Kazon Sects
Kazon-Ogla -- Their First Maje is: Jal Razik
The Kazon-Ogla have an encampment on the surface of the Ocampa Homeworld on the southern continent north of some extinct volcanoes. They keep slaves, including any Ocampa that comes to the surface. The Ogla have declared Voyager as an enemy because Voyager destroyed the Caretakers Array, and thus stopped them misusing the technology. The Ogla have a training ground on the moon Tarok.
Kazon Nistrom -- Their First Maje is Culluh
Former Voyager crew-member Seska betrayed and defected to be with the Kazon Nistrom.
Kazon Hobai --Their First Maje is: Loran
Kazon Lastral -- Their First Maje is: Sorat
Kazon Oglamar -- Their First Maje is: Valek
Kazon Pommar -- Their First Maje is: Minis
Kazon Relora -- Their First Maje is: Jal Haron. VOY "Caretaker, Part 1" 1-1

Sharat - Kellerun ambassador - Peter White

Kelleran; (right) Humanoid civilization that was at war with the T'Lani for centuries until finally reaching peace agreement in 2370. At that time all the 'harvesters', a biological weapon used by both sides, were all destroyed along with anyone who had information that could cause the harvester weapons to be recreated. DS9 "Armageddon Game" 2-33

Kelinda - Kelvan female disguised as a human - Barbara BouchetRojan - Kelvan male disguised as a human - Warren StevensKelvan; (left) Lifeforms from planet Kelva in the Andromeda Galaxy. Kelvans are highly intelligent, and their bodies have a hundred tentacles, but they have no tactile perceptions or emotions as we know them. When Kelvan scientists recognized that increasing radiation levels in their galaxy would make life impossible in ten millennia, the Kelvan Empire dispatched several ships to explore the universe for a new place to live. One of their explorer ships was damaged entering the galactic barrier at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy and the crew abandoned ship. Taking humanoid form, the Kelvans dispatched a general distress call that was answered by the Enterprise in 2268. The Kelvans commandeered the Enterprise, forcing the starship to cross the barrier and to set course for the Andromeda Galaxy. The Enterprise crew was able to regain control of the ship by using the Kelvans' unfamiliarity with humanoid senses to confuse and distract them. Kirk then invited the Kelvans to settle in Federation space and live in peace. TOS "By Any Other Name" 2-51

Kerelian; A race of humanoids with extremely advanced vocal and auditory abilities. Kerelians are almost identical to Terrans except with significantly enlarged ears. Most Kerelians find employment as musicians, singers, or in the sonic sciences. This ability is the evolutionary result of a very thin atmosphere with pressures so low that many Kerelians need special treatments before entering a standard class M environment. TNG "Lessons" 6-145

Kes; Nation-state on planet Kesprytt III. The Kes comprised three-quarters of the planet's population. In the year 2370, the Kes applied for an associated membership in the United Federation of Planets, despite the fact that their world did not yet have a unified government. Both factions were paranoid in the extreme, and this led Starship Enterprise-D personnel to recommend the planet be denied membership at that time. TNG "Attached" 7-160

Mareel - Terrorist from Khefka IV - Megan GallagherKhefka IV; (right) Homeworld to Mareel. Trill initiate Verad met Mareel on Khefka IV while working as a communications clerk at the Federation Consulate. DS9 "Invasive Procedures" 2-24

Enina Tandro - Woman who had an affair with Curzon Dax - Fionnula Flanagan

Klaestronian; (left) Klaestrons are allies of the Cardassians. “Distinguishable in appearance by an ear ridge that comes forward to the eye, raising the hairline over the ear.” Curzon Dax had recently mediated in a civil war on the Klaestron planet. There is very little gender differentiation on this planet. DS9 "Dax" 1-8

Klingons; Planet: Q'onoS. Klingons are among the earliest civilizations the Federation has contacted. Though classified as humanoids, Klingons possess several distinctive physiological characteristics that belong uniquely to their species. They have a body structure that is partly exoskeleton, meaning their resistance to physical force is far greater than mere flesh. Their Klingon Chancellor Martok - made Chancellor when Worf killed Gowron - J.G. Hertzlerorgans also have multiple redundancies, given the term "brak'lul", allowing the Klingon warriors enormous resiliency during battle.
SocietyKlingon Symbol
The Klingon Empire is adjacent to the Federation and Romulan Star Empire borders. A central government is located on the planet Qo'noS and only houses with rightful male lineage may rise to power and rule the Klingon worlds. Klingon society is based on family reputation and honor, and for a Klingon to join a family, it must be done according to the rite of R'uustal, after approval by the matriarch or patriarch of the family house.
Klingon tradition is an integral part of their lives. Breaking from it is an insult to society that is not forgotten easily: bringing shame to the offender's name for several generations. Bloodlines and relations are also taken very seriously by any true Klingon. Lines comprise of more than mere family members. It is more like a network of mutual obligations and defense agreements. Deeds done beyond living memory can indebt one family to another for generations, such is their emphasis on repaying debts. In this way, there comes a time when the line is too massive to maintain, and some line-founders must split off to form a new name.

Klingon languageOver time, their view of life has warped to become increasingly obsessed with dying honorably instead of living with honor. Too often, the only words spoken before battle is "It is a good day to die!" Dying gloriously in combat, preferably having slain a few enemies, is the pinnacle of achievements for Klingons, and to all proud warriors, the only way to go. Groveling for mercy and prolonging life is enough for condemnation and the shaming of the whole house. For some dishonored Klingons, the only way to restore their lost honor is through the ritual of "Mauk-to 'Vor", which involves the killing of an individual to repair his honor.
Their code of honor, however, does not forbid treachery. On birds of prey or in any system of hierarchal command, officers are continually targeted for death by lower ranked crew. Though incomprehensible to outsiders, this is their method of keeping officers strong and capable. TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT many episodes

Kobali; The Kobali procreate by altering the DNA of the dead they salvage from other races. VOY "Ashes to Ashes" 6-138

Captain Viterian - Commander of the Kobheerian transport - Lesley KahnKobheerians; (left) Planet: name unspecified. They are bald with reptilian-skin.  They look like Liseppians and Dopterians with a skull-encircling ridge. They trade with the Cardissians.  While lunching with Dr. Bashir, Garak once mistook a Kobheerian for a Talarian. DS9 "Duet" 1-19

Ty Kajada - captain of Kobliad prison ship - Caitlin Brown

Kobliad; (right) Humanoid race almost identical to Terrans. A genetic deficiency in the Kobliad protein Deuridium causes short lifespans on the the order of 25-30 years. The Kobliad are known to have a major crime problem related to theft or fraud of Deuridium. With proper dosage a Kobliad can live to be well over 100. They have applied for Federation Medical assistance but are currently bogged down in Prime Directive restrictions since they are not a Federation member and have no major treaties. Hence, they have recently applied for membership. DS9 "The Passenger" 1-9

Koinonians; An intelligent people who destroyed their civilization a millennium ago after several generation of war, leaving ruins that were studied by an Enterprise-D away mission.
Koinonian energy being looking for Jeremy AsterKoinonians;  Compasionate energy beings who were disgusted by the war's toll and survived it. The surviving Koinonians had very strong ethics. A bomb left over from an ancient war on Koinonar accidentally caused the death of a crewmember from the Enterprise and the Koinonians tried to care for her orphaned son. TNG "The Bonding" 3-53

Kolaati; Outlaw traders in the Delta Quadrant who operrated near the Nekrit Expanse. Kolaati traders were believed to deal with illegal substances. VOY "Fair Trade" 3-55

Komar; A type of energy being that lived in a dark-matter nebula in the Delta Quadrant. The Komar feed on the neural energy of other beings, and tried to absorb energy from the crew of the starship Voyager. The Komar were discovered and stopped. VOY "Cathexis" 1-13

Minister Campio - Kostolain engaged to Lwaxana Troi - Tony JayKoropians; Planet: Unspecified. Lwaxana Troi left her Deanna's sixth birthday party and returned dressed as a Koropian princess atop a sedan chair carried by four young men. Deanna was very embarrassed by the show her mother made. TNG "Cost of Living" 5-120

Kostolain; (left) Planet that was home to Minister Campio and Erko. TNG "Cost of Living" 5-120

Kotakians; Planet: name unspecified. Known to be interstellar travelers in the area of the Federation and Cardassian space. DS9 "The Maquis, Part I" 2-40

Treen - Kradin Ambassador helping Janeway to find Chakotay - Terrance Evans Kradin; (right) Sentient humanoid civilization that shared a Class-M world in the Delta Quadrant with the Vori people. The Kradin and the Vori declared war on each other around 2364. Each side characterized the other as inhuman beasts in an effort to manipulate their citizenry to support the war. In 2374, Kradin governmetn officials helped the crew of the Starship Voyager to rescue Commander Chakotay, whose shuttlecraft had crashed on the Kradin homeworld. VOY "Nemesis" 4-72

Kreetassans; The Kreetassans consider eating and mating to be similar activities. They became offended when they saw crewmen from the Enterprise eating in public. Their language is very complex and Archer and company could not understand at first what the problem was. When they had contact with the Enterprise a life-form was transferred accidentally to the Enterprise from the Kreetassan ship. Archer had to track them down to find out the home world of the creature. When the Enterprise crew visited the Kreetassan homeworld; Captain Archer’s dog urinated on a sacred tree and Archer had to perform a complex ritual to soothe over the misunderstanding. ENT "Vox Sola" 1-22

Annorax - Captain of the Krenim time ship - Kurkwood Smith

Krenim; (left) Aggressive Delta Quadrant civilization that plagued the Voyager in one possible future visited by Kes. The Krenim used chroniton torpedo weaponry. After Kes traveled back in time to a period before the Voyager entered Krenim space, she warned Janeway about the Krenim threat. VOY "Year of Hell, Part 1" 4-76

Kressari; Planet: name unspecified. Space-faring, spike-faced reptilian humanoid race that frequents Deep Space Nine, known for their botanical DNA traders. Though they have no standing military, the Kressari were revealed as a go-between hiding the Cardassian source of the arms acquired by The Circle faction on Bajor in 2370 -- though Commander Sisko erroneously referrd to them as the Yridians during the first Maquis crisis. Name styles include such types as Zef'no. DS9 "The Circle" 2-22

Kamala - Kriosian empathic metamorph - Famke Janssen

Kriosian;  Krit - associate of Morn - Brad Greenquist(right) Planet: Krios. Members of this species share similarities in their skin pigments -- a dark-spotted, skin pattern along the hairline and down the neck and spine -- with the Valtese, not unlike Trills. In 2367, Captain Picard and Klingon Ambassador Kell met with Klingon Governor Vagh at Krios, following a Kriosian revolt that the Klingons believed had been supported by the Federation. The inhabitants of Krios had been at war with the neighboring system, Valt Minor, for centuries. In 2368 an historic Ceremony of Reconciliation was held in hopes of ending the centuries of conflict. TNG "The Perfect Mate" 5-121

Krit; Unspecified race. Former associate of Morn in the Lissepian Mother's Day Heist. DS9 "Who Mourns for Morn?" 6-136

Etana Jol - leader of a group trying to take over the Federation - Katherine Moffat

Ktarian; (left) Feline appearing humanoid race with enlarged frontal skull bones and latent feline features. A Ktarian game distributed on Risa in 2368 had the neurological effect of rendering the player a tool of the Ktarian government. While Ktarian biotechnology is prized on the black market, the exotic technologies are banned as a sanction for their plot. TNG "The Game" 5-106

Kurillians; Planet Kurill Prime. A group of conquered Gamma Quadrant inhabitants. A Kurillian native, Eris, was exposured as a Dominion Spy. DS9 "The Jem'Hadar" 2-46

Kurlan; Planet Kurl located a considerable distance from Federation space. Kurl was once the home of a thriving civilization. Kurlans all disappeared thousands of years ago, leaving behind a rich cultural heritage that is still being studied by archeologists. TNG "The Chase" 6-146

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