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Caatati; Humanoid civilization originating in the Delta Quadrant. Most of the Caatati were assimilated by the Borg rededucing a population of millions to a few thousand individuals who escaped in 27 ships. Living conditions were threatened by severe food and supply shortages as well as equipment breakdowns. Voyager granted them humanitarian aid in the form of food and technology. VOY "Day of Honor" 4-71

Maques - representative of the Cairn race trying to learn verbal speech - Norman LargeCairn; (left)Telepathic humanoids from deep space. Recent contacts with a strong interest in joining the Federation. The Cairn have no concept of spoken language and have almost no vocal ability. Cairn telepathy is different from most telepathy. Most races telepathically transmit words and sounds, the Cairn however transmit pure thoughts and images. This is far more efficient but can only be practiced by Cairn. Since first contact with the Federation,Calamarian try to take Q but Data saves him the Cairn have struggled to learn common telepathy, develop speech enhancers, and learn spoken language. The Cairn appear to be standard humanoids with a textured bony enlargement just over the ears. Cairn technology is limited to rudimentary interstellar spaceflight. TNG "Dark Page" 7-159

Calamarain; (right) Intelligent spaceborne race of powerful clouds of ionized gas. The Calamarain originated in the Bre'el system but have been transplanted to several nearby systems. They can interface with computer systems and are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields, but choose to maintain no relations with humanoid life. The Calamarain can emit berthold rays. TNG "Deja Q" 3-61

Caldonian; (right) Humanoid race with a love of research. From a world on the edges of Federation space, they Leyor - Caldonian representitive at the bidding for control of the Barzan Wormhole - Kevin Peter Hallhave chosen to remain separate from the Federation. They do maintain scientific connections to help their renowned research institutes. The Caldonians have little advancement in the social or engineering fields, but their theoretical work in subspace and quantum mechanics is almost legendary. A race of three-fingered beings over six feet tall, their enlarged cranium includes a raised bony framework shaped much like a perpendicular "theta" Greek letter. TNG "The Price" 3-56

Camorite; Inhabitants of Camor V. Physiologically different enough from humans to be easily distinguished via sensor readings from space. Suffered greatly during the Cardassian war. Jason Vigo went to live on Camor V because Miranda wanted to help care for Camor's war orphans TNG "Bloodlines" 7-174

Maab - leader of forces on Capella IV who opposed Teer Akaar - Michael DanteCapellan; (right) Primitive humanoids from Capella IV, A world relatively close to Earth and core worlds of the Federation. It's technology is approximate to the Terran dark ages, their society is somewhat more advanced and was decided to contact them despite some idiosyncrasies in 2266. After Federation operatives aided the heir to the Capellan Teer, a long-standing treaty was signed. Capellan society values combat above love and sees no value in medicine, to them the weak should die. Their world is rich in rare mineral compounds such as Topaline. This gives them a significant economic advantage in their integration to the modern society. TOS "Friday's Child" 2-40

Natima Lang - Cardassian rebel formerly courted by Quark - Mary CrosbyCardassian; (left) The Cardassians are a humanoid race native to Cardassia Prime. They are easily recognized by the neckline that fans out to connect with the shoulders, and by the pronounced facial ridges. Two thick vertical ridges recede back to the crown of the head with an inverted tear-shaped ridge in the center of the forehead. The area above the eyes are it where the ridge is thickest, making Cardassian eyes look deep-set. Most Cardassian men have poker straight hair with jet-black to dark brown shades that are slicked back as inconspicuously as possible while the women have more varying hair-types.
Cardassians value family and relation above all else. Orphans are shunned and left to die while households with several generations living together are considered an honorable distinguishment. The Cardassian symboleducation system implemented on Cardassia dictates that intellectual pursuits begin at the young age of 3 or 4. Every Cardassian is raised with an appreciation of fine arts and culture, though the government may not be like-minded in its policies. Educational attainment is regarded as a major source of social status and a creative force in Cardassian society, creating the knowledge that embraces existing social and political structures. The Cardassians are known for their photographic memories and the ability to resist a Vulcan mind meld. They pride themselves on resourcefulness and often say of themselves:
Acceptable social behavior dictates that men and women court with outward irritability, and the deceased are honored with elaborate rites that do not permit offworlders to view the body. Cardassian society has the most rigid of all legal systems. All suspects are guilty before even appearing in court, an emphatic display of the futility of crime in Cardassia.
The Depata Council rules the Cardassian Union, and legally administers to the Cardassian Central Command and the Obsidian Order, Cardassia's secret intelligence agency. However, the Central Command and the Obsidian Order function autonomously and do not report to the Depata Council. It is the military Central Command that has the firmest grip on power in Cardassia. TNG "The Wounded" 4-86, DS9 "The Emissary, Part 1" 1-1

Tongo Rad - Son of the Catullan ambassador and one of Dr. Sevrin's followers - Victor BrandtCatullan; (right) Humanoids from Catulla. Catullan's are noted starship engineers and many successful design yards are based out of Catulla. The ubiquitous Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems was co-founded by Terrans and Catullan and is headquartered on Catulla. Their other sciences and society are slightly less advanced, but well up to Federation standards. Members of the Federation for a century. TOS "The Way to Eden" 3-75

Cerebus II; Planet. The natives developed a treatment that reverses the aging process in humans. Was very painful and had   high mortality rate. TNG "Too Short a Season" 1-16

Esoqq - Chalnoth captured along with Picard, and a Mizarian - Reiner Schoener

Chalnoth; (left) Lupine humanoids from Chalna. The Chalnoth are anarchists without any government or authority. If any one area of Chalna can be said to be governed by anyone, it is certainly the person with the biggest weapon. Chalnoth technology is limited to the phasers and light spacecraft sold to them by traders. The Chalnoth are vaguely catlike humanoids with large fangs and long fur. TNG "Allegiance" 3-66

Martia - Chameloid prisoner with Kirk and McCoy on the Klingon prison planet - Iman

Chameloid; (right) Shapeshifting aliens from an unknown world in deep space. Virtually nothing is known about their home. Chameloids can assume any humanoid form, but are generally restricted to a basically humanoid shape. Most encounters with Chameloids have occurred in or near Klingon space, hinting to a homeworld in the Empire. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 6

Chandra V; Tam Elbrun was assigned to Chandra V prior to the Tin Man encounter in 2366. Elbrun describe the Chandrans as beautiful, peaceful, nonhumanoid creatures, who had a three-day ritual for saying 'Hello.' TNG "Tin Man" 3-68

Bele - Cheronian police trying to capture Lokai - Frank GorshinCheronian; (left) Long lived extinct humanoid race from the planet Cheron. Often confused with Charion (The outer moon of Sol IX, site of the last battle of the Romulan War) , Cheron was home to a largely humanoid race that had one significant difference from other humanoid races. Around half the population had skin that was black on the right and white on the left. The other half had the opposite configuration. One side pursued racist policies and enslavement of the other, eventually the civilization destroyed itself in racial wars. A small number of survivors of both races escaped from the planet in their few interstellar craft, they are locked in a perpetual chase to enforce their racist laws. Cheronian technology was advanced and had limited interstellar abilities and a primitive cloaking device. Cheronian physiology had the ability to store and release an electric energy charge. TOS "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" 3-70

Chrysalian; A neutral people who have been at peace for 10 generations and now are "uninvolved in all interstellar matters of consequence." Although they have often hired a Terran, Devinoni Ral, to handle their affairs, Ral says the Chrysalians have the resources, technology and science to oversee a wormhole. TNG "The Price" 3-56

Cloud creature that was impaled by VoyagerCloud Creature; (left) Nucleogenic cloud being. Nebula-like life-form native to the Delta Quadrant of the galaxy. The Starship Voyager encountered an individual of this species in 2371, accidentally inflicting serious harm to the creature by entering its body to harvest omicron particals. The cloud being was over seven AUs in diameter and was composed mostly of hydrogen, helium, and hydroxyl radicals. The crew of the Voyager was eventurlly able to help heal the creature. VOY "The Cloud" 1-6

coalescent organism; Rare microscopic life-forms that absorb orther organisims, then assume the form of the organism they've absorbed down to the cellular level. TNG "Aquiel" 6-139

Campanion to Zefram Cochrane - voice of Elizabeth RogersCompanion; (right) Cloudlike life-form that lived on a planetoid in the Gamma Canaris region. In 2117, the Companion discovered aged scientist Zefram Cochrane drifting in space, near death. The Companion brought Cochrane to her planetoid and cared for him, rejuvenation his body, giving him effective immortality, but subjection him to extreme loneliness. Over time, the Companion grew to love Cochrane. in 2267, the Companion abducted Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Federation Commissioner Nancy Hedford form the shuttlecraft Galileo to live with Cochrane to alleviate his isolation. The Companion joined with the dying Commissioner to form one single human individual and she and Cochrane stayed on the planetoid to live out normal human lives. TOS "Metamorphosis" 2-38

Coridan; Mineral rich planet admitted to the Federation in 2267. Ambassador Sarek was credited with the Coridan admission. TOS "Journey to Babel" 2-39 TNG "Sarek" 3-71

Corvalien captain - The Romulans destroyed his ship and all personnel aboard - Dennis CockrunCorvallens; (left) A non-aligned race of mercenaries. They have cracked-looking skin. They operate in both Romulan and Federation space. They are empathetically sensitive like Betazeds. TNG "Face of the Enemy" 6-140

Cravic; Technologically sophisticated Delta Quadrant civilization that became extinct in a war with the Pralor people. The Cravic created sophisticated humanoid androids to fight their war with the Pralor. Later the entire Cravic society was destroyed when they attempted to deactivate these robotic soldiers. VOY "Prototype" 2-29

Crystalline entity that absorbed all life energy from entire planets

Crystalline Entity; (right) A spaceborne life-form of unknown origin whose structure resembled a large snowflake, hundreds of meters across. The Crystalline Entity apparently thrived by absorbing the energy of biological life-forms on planets, leaving behind devastated planetary surfaces. In 2368 the Entity was destroyed after destroying the Melona IV colony. TNG "Datalore" 1-13

Cygnian; Humanoids from Cygnet XIV. A matriarchal society that is particularly advanced in computer science and electrical engineering. Their other technologies are relatively primitive. As members of the Federation, they are a popular Cytherian - drew the Enterprise to the center of the galaxy in order to exchange cultural information - Kay Kuttersite of technical symposia or research facilities. Cygnians are quite humanoid and almost indistinguishable from Terrans. TOS "Tomorrow is Yesterday" 1-19

Cytherian; (left) Advanced humanoid race from a planet near the center of the galaxy. The Cytherian's explore the galaxy not by travelling it, but by bringing the galaxy to them. Special probes launched by the Cytherians reprogram computers and lifeforms they encounter to come to the Cytherian homeworld. These probes can cause temporary super-intelligence in humanoids but are harmless. A cultural exchange with the Cytherian's in 2367, both sides gained enormously from this exchange and it will be decades before Federation scholars fully understand the results. TNG "Nth Degree" 4-93

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