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Saltah'na; Origin Gamma Quadrant. An ancient race that was entirely destroyed by a massive power struggle. The events were described in a telepathic archive contained in energy spheres that revealed the story by superimposing the tale onto viewers' minds, usually with fatal results. DS9 "Dramatis Personae" 1-18

Sarpeidon; (left) Zarabeth - prisoner in planet Sarpeidon's ice age past - Mariette HartleyClass-M planet destroyed in 2269 when its star, Beta Niobe, went nova. Sarpeidon had been home to a technologically advanced humanoid civilization. Prior to the explosion of their sun, the people of Sarpeidon developed a time portal they called the atavachron, which they used to escape into their planet's past, so that they could live out their lives. TOS "All Our Yesterdays" 3-78

Commander Kieran MacDuff--Satarran operative who masqueraded as an officer of the Enterprise - Erich Anderson

Satarran; (right) Humanoid race from Sothis III. Satarran space technology is several centuries by the Federation, but other parts of their technology are quite advanced. The Sattarrans have significant memory erasure and computer manipulation abilities. The Sattarans have been at war with Lysia for decades. The Satarrans have attempted to incapacitate ships of more powerful races and through computer and memory alteration to enlist the help of third parties in their war. Satarrans have remarkable healing abilities and can recover from many injuries quickly. Satarrans hate mysteries. TNG "Conundrum" 5-114

Queen Deela--Scalosian who had undergone hyperacceleration - Kathie Browne

Scalosian; (left) Humanoid people from planet Scalos. Scalosians were subjected to biochemical hyper-acceleration by volcanic radiation many generations ago. The radiation also decreased fertility in females and completely sterilized the men. To preserve their species, the Scalosians were forced to mate outside their planet, dispatching distress calls to passing space vehicles and subjection the crews of any responding vessels to hyper-acceleration. This pattern continued until 2268, when the Enterprise responded to a distress call but was able to repel the invaders. Federation authorities were later advised to warn other ships to avoid Scalos. TOS "Wink of an Eye" 3-66

Ambassador Ssestar--Leader of the Selay delegation - John Durbin

Selay; (right) Reptilian semi-humanoids from planet Selay in the Beta Renna star system. Selayans resemble upright bipedal serpents with two arms. It is an interesting fluke that two non-humanoid sentient species evolved concurrently in the same system, with equivalent levels of technology. The Selay and the other race in their system, the Anticans, entered hostilities as soon as they discovered each other. After several decades of contained war and unconstrained hatred, both simultaneously applied for Federation membership in 2366. Federation mediators were able to resolve the conflict and both inhabited worlds are very recent additions to the Federation. TNG "Lonely Among Us" 1-7

Sheliak Director - met with Picard and Troi - Mart McChesneySerilian; A race, otherwise unspecified, whose ambassador's impending visit to Deep Space Nine was the focus of security arrangements being made by Constable Odo. DS9 "Meridian" 3-54

Sheliak; (left) Reclusive non humanoid race from deep space. The Sheliak consider humans a lower life form and have no qualms about destroying human "infestations". The Sheliak have a technology only slightly advanced of the Federation. After a short conflict in the 2250's the Treaty of Armens was signed in 2255. This Treaty is over 500,000 words long and took over 200 Federation legal experts to draft. The Sheliak are black, silicon-based semi-upright mounds with two armlike projections. The Sheliak language cannot be translated by the Universal Translator and cannot be decyphered by lingusts, however they can communicate in Federation Standard English. The Sheliak cannot be communicated with or communicate telepathically. The Sheliak have no diplomatic contact and go to lengths to avoid human contact except where specifically required in the Treaty. TNG "Ensigns of Command" 3-50

Eudana - Sidarian woman showed Ensign Kim a new planet- Yvonne Suhor

Sikarian; (right) Class-M planet in the delta Quadrant. Home to a technologically advanced humanoid civilization. The Sikarians were a remarkable pleasure-oriented society, and they were known for their hospitality. The Sikarians possessed an extraordinary trajector technology that permitted instantaneous transport across great distances. While the Sikarian reputation of generosity was well deserved, the Sikarian canon of laws prohibited the transfer of their technology to other cultures. VOY "Prime Factors" 1-10

singularity aliens; A species from another time continuum which can assume other forms and uses gravity wells as a nest for its young . Some mistook a Romulan warp core's artificial quantum singularity as a nest, sent the Warbird into distress, and then fractured time when the responding Galaxy-class Enterprise's power transfer beam locked on. TNG "Descent, Part I" 6-152
Haneek--Leader of the Skrreean delegation to Bejor - Deborah May

Skrreean; (left) Humanoid civilization that lived for some eight hundred years as slaves to the T-Rogorans in the Gamma Quadrant. When the T-Rogorans were conquered by the Dominion in 2370, some three million Skrreea fled, eventually finding the Bajoran wormhole. Believing the wormhole to be the 'Eye of the Universe' described in Skrreean legend, and believing the planet Bajor to be Kentanna, their ancestral homeworld, the Skrreean refugees sought to colonize Bajor. Their application was rejected by the Bajoran provisional government, and the Skrreea later settled on planet Draylon II. DS9 "Sanctuary" 2-30

One of the Sky Spirit people who spoke to Chakotay -Richard Fancy Sky Spirits; (right) In the mythology of some Native American cultures on Earth, the ancient Rubber Tree People more than a thousand generations ago. They led the humans across their planet to a new land where the people made their home. They gave these humans an extraordinary genetic gift, a strong sense of curiosity and of bold adventure, which served them well in their new home on what later became known as the American continents.The Sky Spirits were said to honor the land above all else. The Sky Spirits were discovered in the Delta Quadrant. They possess and extremely advanced technology that allowed them to cross vast interstellar distances. They even had a sophisticated cloaking technology and had the ability to control weather on their planet. VOY "Tattoo" 2-25Solanagen

solanagen-based entities; (left) Life-forms that existed in a deep subspace domain. These humanoid entities accessed our own universe in 2369 when Geordi modified a sensor array accidentally allowing the solanagen-based aliens to create a small pocket of their space inside ours. The life-forms forcibly abducted sleeping members of the Enterprise crew Solais V warriors - meet with Riva - Richard Lavin and Chip Hellerfor medical testing. TNG "Schisms" 6-131

Solais V; (left) Planet whose humanoid inhabitants had been at war for fifteen centuries until both sides sued for peace. Riva was called in to mediated the dispute and stayed on to teach the inhabitants sign language. TNG "Loud as a Whisper" 2-31

Soong Type Android; (right) Very rare type of android built by the late Dr. Noonian Soong. Only Data - Brent Spinerone active android of this type is still alive, Lt. Cmdr. Data of Starfleet. Dr. Soong also built an earlier model, known as Lore, who was dangerous and had to be dismantled. Data has tried to create an android previously in his 'daughter' Lal. She had a full positronic collapse only a week after activation. Dr. Soong's notes indicated that up to 80% of all positronic neural networks will collapse within 2 weeks of activation. These androids can be quite versatile in appearance but the originals, Data and Lore, are humanoid males seeming to be approximately 35 years of age with black hair, yellow eyes and a very pale skin with slightly gold tones. TNG "Encounter at Farpoint" 1-1

Ahdar Ruafo--Son'a leader - F. Murray Abraham

Son'a; (left) Spacefaring humanoid civilization. The Son'a were a nomadic and largely hedonistic people who lived in opulence and coveted such material objects as jewels and precious metals. They were originally from the Ba'ku planet, but joined with offlanders around 2275 in an unsuccessful bit to take control of the idyllic Ba'ku society. The Ba'ku elders banished the renegades, who later called themselves the Son'a. In 2325, the Son'a conquered and enslaved the Tarlac and Ellora peoples. By 2375, genetic anomalies prevented the Son'a from procreation. They used genetic manipulation and other cosmetic techniques to extend life and physical appearance, but they knew they were a dying society. They enlisted the help of a Starfleet officer to try to abduct all the residents of the Ba'ku planet and transplant them so they could possess the planet that gave them birth. The coup was defeated when the Enterprise-E became involved. MOV Insurrection 9

space boomer; Slang for a post-warp generation of humans who live primarily in space — some of their offspring are even born there. Sometimes shortened to "boomer." The Enterprise NX-01's Travis Mayweather is a boomer. ENT "Broken Bow" 1-1

An example of species 8472Species 8472; (right) Species 8472 are undoubtedly one of the most unusual organic life forms ever encountered by the Federation. Their origins lie in 'fluidic space' - a higher dimension that is apparently composed liquid rather than the empty space of our own universe. 8472 are the only species in their dimension, and had no conception of other life forms until the Borg invaded their territory. Unfortunately - for the Borg - species 8472 have an incredibly efficient immune system; any form of biological or technological intrusion into their tissue is instantly rejected and destroyed. This renders them immune to Borg nanoprobes, and hence incapable of assimilation. In addition, their dense structure is highly resistant to many forms of energy such as transporters and weapons.
Species 8472 are tripodal creatures with a gray-green skin. Their bodies appear to be nearly three meters tall when fully extended. The creatures walk in a crouched over position on three legs, and sometimes crawl using all five limbs. Their heads are an elongated conical shape, with widely spaced golden eyes that have an unusual cross-shaped pupils. Parts of their skeletal structure are barely concealed by muscle tissue. Their necks for example apear to have "holes" around the spinal column. This could explain the extreme flexability the creatures display. They are also incredibly strong as witnessed by their ability to rip trough bulkheads and fight off humanoids with incredible ease. The creatures move quickly, bobbing up and down as if in their native liquid environment even when they are in our universe. They are, however able to survive the normal vacume of space as well as in artifical enviroments found on spacecraft.
Even less is known about the culture and philosophy of species 8472. In the one known telepathic contact with them the message 'the weak shall perish' was transmitted; although worrying given their numbers and level of technology, the outlook of a whole species can hardly be judged from one contact with one individual. For the moment contact with 8472 has been broken off after their retreat back into their own space at the end of the war with the Borg. VOY "Scorpion, part 1"

Benzan - son of Secretary Kushell of planet Straleb - Kieran Mulroney

Straleb; (right) Class-M planet, along with Altec, part of the Coalition of Madena. Although it was technically at peace with Altec, relations between the two planets had been strained to the point that an interplanetary incident was created when it was revealed that Benzan of Straleb had been engaged to Yanar of Altec in 2365. TNG "The Outrageous Okana" 2-30

Droxine - daughter of Plasus high advisor of cloud city Stratos - Diana EwingArdanian cloud city of Stratos

Stratos; (left) Beautiful cloud city above the planet Ardana, believed to be the finest example of sustained antigravity elevation in the galaxy. Stratos was a study in the contrasts of Ardanian society. The city dwellers lived a life of leisure, while the Troglytes, who lived on the planet's surface, toiled under brutal conditions. Life improved slightly when Stratos began to provide masks to protect the Troglytes from the harmful zenite gas found in the Ardanan mines. TOS "The Cloud Minders"  3-76

Subytt; Panet Subytt. Name of a planet and the noun and adjective form for its space-faring natives whose merchant fleet and are among Deep Space Nine's callers. DS9 "The Homecoming" 2-21

Suliban;  (left) Humanoid species. Their distinguishing physical characteristic Male swarm alienlis their mottled, greenish-tinted skin. The Suliban are originally from Sector 3641, but their homeworld became unhabitable around the Earth year of 1851, and most of them became nomadic.
One faction of Suliban are members of the Cabal, an organization of soldiers somehow involved with the Temporal Cold War. The Cabal takes its orders from the future, and in exchange, are able to alter their DNA and restructure their skeletons, giving them unique chameleon-like, shapeshifting abilities and enhanced senses.
The Cabal has caused trouble for some civilian Suliban who have assimilated into other cultures. For example, one group of peaceful Suliban was detained at a Tandaran internment camp. ENT "Broken Bow" 1-1

Swarm aliens; (right) Spaceborne life-form native to the Delta Quadrant. The swarm was a colony of about 2000 individuals that propelled themselves at speeds in excess of 3000 kilometers per second by means of flagellation. These creatures absorbed nutrients directly from space through their porous outer skin. One of this life-form's sexes is very large in relation to the opposite sex, comparable in size to a Federation starship. VOY "Elogium" 2-20

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